Congratulations! You made it to the surface! Now you have to beat up your dad. You’ve made it to the titular god himself, but maybe you just can’t get past him. Hades is an intimidating boss. Below are his attack patterns. Good luck!

Hades Himself

Hades Final Boss Snow

Hades has 2 phases. He can turn invisible and therefore untargetable. During his disappearance, keep track of his spear streak and footsteps on the snow. You can also see the outline of his AOE melee attack before reappearing. He has short dashes which can signify his huge, sweeping melee attack.

For a ranged attack, Hades points his spear at Zagreus before flinging a tracking, flaming skull. Getting hit will inflict Boiling Blood, causing you to take 100% more damage. Afterward, the skull dislodges from you and falls to the ground. They bounce off walls and remain for 5 seconds. If they aren’t destroyed, they explode and emit a shockwave that covers most of the field.

Athena’s boon can deflect and damage Hades, but will still bounce off and stay on the ground. He also throws two skulls north and south. If they’re far apart, destroy the nearest one and avoid the other. You can get hit multiple times from the same shockwave!

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At around 66% and 33% health, he summons armored foes. You can ignore them and focus Hades, but I advise clearing them. When he is brought down, he becomes impervious and revives, blasting a wave that spans the entire field. Make sure to time your dash into it to dodge. All remaining foes and skulls are cleared.

In phase 2, Hades quickly chains his dashes and covers more ground. He gains a new attack that fires three magma lasers, even more when he is below half health. In addition, he will summon giant green urns across the field. Hades and Zagreus can break them, bursting in an area that damage and stun you. The skulls’ explosions detonate these urns.

Hades Defeated

Surface Hades Demeter Thanatos Patroclus Orpheus Dusa Eurydice Sisyphus Achilles Bouldy Pact of Punishment Persephone

You beat up your dad! Hooray! I bet it felt great, momentous even. So what comes next? I won’t spoil everything here, so you’ll just have to keep playing. However, you will return to the Styx and do it all over again. This time, a Pact of Punishment hangs over your window. Accept the challenges to earn more rewards. Defeat your dad ten times to officially complete the main quest. It sounds like a lot, but don’t worry. Hades gets easier as you practice, upgrade, and obtain new skills. Again, enjoy the journey!

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Try And Try Again

Zagreus Floors Hades Asphodel Elysium Tartarus Styx

If you grow frustrated, just remember: games are designed to be completed. At least, well-designed games. Especially roguelike ones. And Hades fits in both categories. I didn’t cover everything; there’s a lot the game introduces and you’ll catch on quickly. So go out there and Divine Dash in one of the best games out there!

Hades is available on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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