Did you know that when Party Animals first launched, only 20% of players completed the tutorial? It currently sits at 87.3%, but everyone still hasn’t been briefed. Here’s the guide on controls for keyboard & mouse, Playstation and Switch Pro controllers for PC, and Xbox.


Keyboard & Mouse- Hold Left Shift

Playstation- Hold L2

Switch Pro- Hold ZL

Xbox- Hold LT


Keyboard & Mouse- Hold Left Mouse

Playstation- Hold R2

Switch Pro- Hold ZR

Xbox- Hold RT

Drop Weapon

Keyboard & Mouse- F

Playstation- Double Tap RT

Switch Pro- Double R2

Xbox- Double Tap RT


Keyboard & Mouse- Spacebar

Playstation- Triangle

Switch Pro- X

Xbox- Y


Keyboard & Mouse- Hold Left Mouse + Spacebar

Playstation- Hold R2 + Triangle

Switch Pro- Hold ZR + X

Xbox- Hold RT + Y


Keyboard & Mouse- Hold Left Click + Right Click or J

Playstation- Hold R2 + Square

Switch Pro- Hold ZR + Y

Xbox- Hold RT + X


Keyboard & Mouse- Left Click or J

Playstation- Square

Switch Pro- Y

Xbox- X


Keyboard & Mouse- Right Click or K

Playstation- X

Switch Pro- B

Xbox- A


Keyboard & Mouse- Spacebar + Right Click or J

Playstation- Triangle + X

Switch Pro- X + B

Xbox- Y + A


Keyboard & Mouse- Middle Mouse Button or L

Playstation- Circle

Switch Pro- A

Xbox- B


Keyboard & Mouse- Hold Left Shift + Middle Mouse Button or L

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Playstation- Hold L2 + Circle

Switch Pro- Hold ZL + A

Xbox- Hold LT + B


Most actions use Stamina, which you can see in the top left surrounding your character’s portrait. Roll is only available while running.

In order to throw, you must first grab. You can throw players and objects, but not weapons. In order to grab, you must align with its handle. Weapons unlock three attacks: a light hit with Kick, a heavier hit with Grab, and Headbutt.

Heavy Punch is Hold Run + Punch. When doing a Running Jump Kick, Hold Run then Jump and Kick.

Party Animals is available on PC and Xbox Series S/X.

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