I heard about a Star Wars Rumor, do you want to hear? In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will have the ability to complete various sidequests, called Rumors. However, some are a little harder to tackle than others.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives you the chance to follow Cal Kestis through a whole new story. Within the story, Cal finds himself on the planet of Koboh, in hopes of remaining hidden from the Empire. On Koboh, you will find most available side quests. “Find the Missing Prospectors” is a Rumor you can assess right as you arrive. However, it might be a little tricky, so this article is here to help guide you through.

Locating The “Find the Missing Prospectors” Rumor

Your first step will be to find the Prospector next to Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Cal can get there by going through through the Derelict Dam; the Prospector will be at a workbench next to the Meditation Point. Once prompting them to speak, they will inform Cal that, not long ago, there were some Prospectors that went missing. It will be you job to find out what happened to them.

After the conversation is other, you will find the vine behind the Meditation point. Now, climb up the vines and travel to the left through a small passageway. Finally, when you are through, Cal is ready to start “Find the Missing Prospectors”.

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Starting “Find the Missing Prospectors” Rumor

Map of Sodden Grotto with Image of Entrance

Before starting your search, be sure Cal is alert and ready, there are enemies called Shiverpede loitering all around. If you are brave enough for the fight, turn right; heading down the path to the right, you can retrieve a Priorite Shard once defeating one. To move forward, you will want to go left from the door Cal arrived at. By using Force Push Cal can open the door and continue through the corridor. You will then have to defeat another Shiverpede and continue on with a Lightsaber to cut through the rope. After the rope, run to the left across the wall and turn right, bracing to defeat the Bramilks prepared to attack.

Again, you will use Force Pull in order to interact with debris on the left and build a bridge into the next area. After, going across the bridge and turning left you will cut through rope once more and squeeze past an opening at the end of the path. Cal with then have to conquer another Bramilk so he can progress forward and find the Dead Researcher Force Echo.

Reaching Sodden Grotto Meditation Point

Location with Image of Sodden Grotto Mediation Point

Once leaping across the platform in front of you, you will encounter a Scavenger Droid. Defeat the droid and jump onto the stone path, through the space in the wall; interact with the zipline, to activate a checkpoint in order to go back… in case you missed something.

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From your checkpoint, turn left and continue down the corridor. In the area after the large skelton, Cal will see the Prospector Remains Force Echo. Directly behind, you can find the Sodden Grotto Meditation Point; have Cal interact with this area so you can establish another checkpoint. And make sure you restock Cal’s Stims here, he will need them when he fights Rancor (trust me).

Defeating Rancor

Map Location of Rancor with Images of Fighting and DeFeating Creature

Defeating Rancor is all about Cals momentum and agility; this enemy may be slow, but one grab attack and Cal will be KO’ed. In order to avoid these attacks watch out for the red glow. When this happens Cal should quickly dodge left or right, depending on direction. Additionally, if Rancor glows red, slamming his clawing into the grounds surface, Cal should avoid the shockwave by jumping out of the way. Once you have gotten the handle on defense, you are ready for the offensive.

Do you see any bones laying around? By using Force Pull, Cal can throw a bone at the creature’s mouth, incapacitating him. From here, Cal can attack the monster. Another, much slower, way to cause damage, is from the ledge you enter in from. If you barrell your lightsaber down, you can minimally damage the beast. Find yourself in a crunch? Cal can parry his enemy; with a perfect block, he can perform a few attacks. Once Rancor is defeated, a prompt will appear. Congratulations you have completed “Find Missing Prospectors” in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Final Remarks On Rumors in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Kestis, may the force be with you. Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Finally, don’t forget to look for hidden Databanks in Sodden Gotto along the way; and keep in mind, side quests can be just as beneficial as following the storyline. From gaining more XP to learning tips and tricks to help Cal along his journey through the galaxy. So, with a few guides and the force on your side, Cal will be able to conquer this Rumor and many others in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available to play now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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