Resting in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is hugely important. When you rest at an inn, it saves Dragon’s Dogma 2 allowing you to restart if you ever perish. It also lets you recover the portion of health that you can’t heal whenever you take damage. But it costs 2000 gold every time you want to rest. But you can purchase a house for a one time fee and never have to pay for an inn again.

Early on in the game you will head to the town of Vernworth. You need to rest at the inn a few times and then travel east of the tavern in the common quarter. Mildred will flag you down and ask you to house-sit for her. Make sure to not have any other quests active as you will want to just rest in the bed for 7 straight days, selecting the option to rest until morning.

After the 7 days have gone by, Mildred will come back and offer to sell the house to you for 20,000 gold. While that seems like a lot, it’s cheaper than paying the 2,000 gold every single time you want to rest at the inn.

The house is equipped with a chest as well that you can store your loot and other goodies you get from adventuring. It also unlocks an achievement/trophy for all you hunters out there. It’s also useful for romancing characters in the game.

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