Despite being early access, Palworld has taken the world by storm. There’s lots to do—crafting, fighting enemies, and catching pals, to name a few—but if there’s a specific pal you like and want more of, you can even breed them together. This not only lets you get more of these cute little creatures, but also will transfer the traits of the two pals you breed into their offspring. Genetics! Plus, some pals can only be obtained by breeding (According to Palworld’s own wiki, there are over 18,000 breeding combinations!), and it’s a great way to fill your base with efficient, hard working pals!

Breed Pals in Palworld

But how do you breed pals in Palworld, anyway? Well, to start, you’ll need to build, surprise, a Breeding Farm. Unlocked in the Technology Menu at Level 19, the Breeding Farm costs 2 Tech Points to obtain and requires 100 wood, 20 stone, and 50 fiber to construct. That’s not even the hard part.

To actually breed pals in your newly built Breeding Farm, you’ll have to make cake. To do so, you’ll need at least a Cooking Pot (or something better), as well as 6 flour, 8 red berries, 7 milk, 8 eggs, and 2 honey. Not an easy recipe to put together, and once you do, be prepared to wait. Even with a pal to help you cook, you’ll be holding F for a while, so long you’ll probably do what most pal tamers do and just wander off to do something else while your pal takes care of the cooking. But once it’s done, you’ll finally be able to breed your selected pair of pals.

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