Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is back on PS5 consoles everywhere, and Insomniac Games promises that players will have plenty to do as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they swing (or glide) throughout New York. From healing the world to fighting a Flame Cult to Miles helping out classmates, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a wide range of activities to keep you engaged.

The main narrative of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 isn’t exactly lengthy, but it does offer an expansive story that is unique to the game and truly gives the player the experience of being a Spider-Man. There are 31 main missions in total, and I’ll list those down after this, but I do want to address that there are side missions as well, and they add extra meat to the story. Here’s the list for that:

  • FNSM App Requests: 6 missions
  • Prowler Stashes: 7 missions
  • The Flame: 4 missions
  • EMF Experiments: 9 missions
  • Cultural Museum: 2 missions
  • Hunter Blinds: 11 missions
  • Brooklyn Visions: 5 missions
  • Unidentified Targets: 8 missions

Playing these side missions also offers the player unlock new suits for both Spider-Men to wear.

Main Mission List

  1. Surface Tension
  2. One Thing At A Time
  3. Show Me New York
  4. Roll Like We Used To
  5. Not On My Watch
  6. Amends
  7. Healing The World
  8. Bad Guys On The Block
  9. Make Your Own Choices
  10. Master Illusionist
  11. A Second Chance
  12. Science Buddy
  13. Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt
  14. Funky
  15. Good Men
  16. The Flames Have Been Lit
  17. Stay Positive
  18. Wings Of My Own
  19. New Threads
  20. It Chose You
  21. Wake Up
  22. I’m the Hero Here
  23. No Escape
  24. Anything Can Be Broken
  25. Don’t Be Scared
  26. Trouble With Harry
  27. This Isn’t You
  28. Set Things Right
  29. It’s All Connected
  30. Finally Free
  31. Together
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Viewing this list will help you understand where you’re at in the story and give you an idea of how much longer you have until the endgame approaches.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now on PS5

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