After the last season of Game of Thrones, fans’ interest in Westeros was starting to fade away, but House of the Dragon (HOTD) brought back the flame so many fans had for the world. HOTD was an adaptation of a history book about the Targaryen dynasty, which spanned from the conquest of Aegon the Conqueror to the aftermath of the Dance of the Dragons. Many fans were initially skeptical about the show, but the new series did not disappoint and even managed to improve from the source material in some ways. This article will explain what HOTD did better than the book it was adapting ‘Fire & Blood.’

Viewing the narrative through a historical perspective

One of the issues of Fire & Blood was that it was a history book that retold the events through multiple perspectives with different views of what actually happened. The book explains the reign of the Targaryens, but since history is often biased, we are unaware if any of the characters can be trusted, even the author. When I state that the author cannot always be trusted, I don’t mean George R.R. Martin, but instead, the fictional author of this book, which Archmaester Gyldayn wrote. Every historian in the world has some bias when retelling events, which is why so many historians argue that most of the ancient historical texts of the world should not be taken at face value. While this does create intrigue in the book, it does make the fans wonder what actually occurred. House of the Dragon’s version of Fire & Blood is more straightforward, which does help in making the narrative easier to follow and making us develop with the characters of the show.

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The Clutch of The Plot

Viserys Targaryen in the books was just as important for the plot but not as memorable to the reader. The show version had Viserys become many viewers’ favorite character due to the tragedy of his story. Viserys in both the book and show wanted a stable family, but HOTD takes that small detail of Fire & Blood and explorers in ways that make the character feel relatable and likable. Even George R.R. Martin stated that he was tempted to rewrite Fire & Blood to make book Viserys become more like his show counterpart.

The Heart of The Story

Many fans loved the relationship between Alicent and Rhaenyra as they went from friends to rivals. But once the show is closely inspected, we can realize that there might have been more between the two, which might have bloomed into love if their world was different. The book is completely different as their relationship was that of a stepmother and stepdaughter who always hated each other. The show does illustrate to the viewer what the Game of Thrones can do to friends or lovers.


What do you think of House of The Dragon? Did you enjoy watching it? Did you read the book, and if so, did you appreciate the adaptation? Please leave a comment below with what you think about how the show.

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