Forspoken, an action-adventure game developed by Luminous Productions, utilizes many technologies to help bring players into the story. The game is a true showcase of the PS5 gaming technology. It features innovative technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible in video games, using the PS5’s powerful hardware and unique features to improve immersion.

Forspoken centers around the journey of a young New Yorker name Frey Holland who is transported to the stunning yet harsh land of Athia by a talking golden bracelet named Cuff (don’t even ask). The adventure begins when Frey sets out on a quest to find a way back home and must utilize the magical powers she acquires to navigate diverse terrains, fight off formidable monsters, and defeat powerful female leaders called Tantas.

You Guide Ella Belinska As She Finds Her Way Home

To help provide an immersive gameplay experience unique to Forspoken, the game utilizes most of the DualSense controller features. First up, the Adaptive Triggers. Players can modify the strength of their magic spells by using the Adaptive Triggers feature of the DualSense controller. This allows players to apply different levels of force and tension depending on the situation. The controller’s haptic feedback and vibrations feature also simulates the different types of terrain Frey encounters as she traverses through Athia. Additionally, the built-in speakers on the controllers interact with players in which the players can hear dialogues of the protagonist’s companions, but can be turned off in the game’s settings if players find it unwanted.

For example, when players control Frey using her fire sword, the Adaptive Triggers feature allows players to feel the tension in the right trigger as Frey winds up for a swing, then release when the blade is swung, and tension again when the sword connects with an enemy (giving a much sense of satisfaction for those who like that). In addition, the haptic feedback feature provides varying levels of vibrations as Frey navigates, making players feel as if they can sense Frey’s footsteps.

Adaptive Triggers Feature Allows Players To Feel The Fights

Forspoken combat

One of the other notable technologies Forspoken uses is the developer’s in-house Luminous Engine, a powerful tool that can create complex characters, models, and expansive open-world gaming. With the PS5, the developers made substantial updates to the engine to improve its performance. One of the main changes is the addition of full support for ray tracing for global illumination and shadows creating beautiful in-game graphics that are seemingly a work of art. Additionally, the engine was updated to be accommodating for system configurations. As a result, Forspoken on PS5 offers players six graphics modes to choose from.

Furthermore, the engine provides a large number of visual effects, which is evident in the game’s combat system. The Luminous Engine excels in rendering high-quality alpha particles as well. From sword swings to fire blasts to summoning nature, the engine generates numerous particle effects that are impressive and gorgeous.

The Luminous Engine Helps Render Gorgeous Alpha Particles

Forspoken combat comparison

Forspoken’s AI system is another standout feature. The game’s enemies use advanced AI algorithms that allow them to make decisions and adapt to the player’s actions in real time, making them more challenging and unpredictable. This helps to create a more realistic and immersive experience, as the player is constantly kept on their toes. In addition, the PS5’s powerful hardware allows for a more significant number of enemies on screen and more advanced AI, making the game more challenging and immersive.

This is why it isn’t surprising that Forspoken on PS5 is a game that delivers. The hardware handles tons of visual effects at any given time, like alpha particles to the combat system. On the same note, character models have high polycounts, and the environmental assets look crisp, helping to craft a visually appealing game.

In the end, Forspoken has been created to utilize the complete capabilities of the PS5, showcasing Luminous Productions’ approach of combining cutting-edge technology with innovation to offer a unique gaming experience.

Forspoken is available now on PS5.

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