There’s no question the X-Men are ready to be introduced to the MCU. While there have been many cameos of previous actors returning to their classic X-Men roles, the latest one being Kelsey Grammer as Beast in 2023’s The Marvels, there are many possibilities and ways to introduce mutant mayhem into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What might these ways be? Stick around and find out, Mighty Marvelites!

Marvel Can Tap Into Their Menagerie of Multiversal Mutants

With Kelsey Grammer reappearing as Beast, it just might be possible that X-Men will crossover from one universe to the mainstream MCU timeline. It seems likely as with rumors circulating, that Avengers: Secret Wars will be a soft reboot and if it’s anything like the comic iteration of the same name from 2015, it is a possibility.

In the comics, the Marvel Multiverse was on the brink of collapse. The mainstream comic universe of Earth-616 and the Ultimate universe “combined” together in a gigantic way. If Kang is still the villain of the Multiverse Saga despite the firing of Jonathan Majors, the X-Men could help the Avengers by crossing between universes in defeating Kang. 

The X-Men’s First Class is a Great First Step Into the MCU

Not everything has to be about the multiverse. The X-Men could be a group just starting with various mutants appearing here and there like Kamala Khan could work as well. Enter the First Class. Consisting of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, and Iceman, this iteration of mutant heroes could be the first class.

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With the rise of the mutant gene, Professor Charles Xavier could form a class of some sort to help spread peace and serenity between humans and mutants. While the first class doesn’t necessarily need to have the roster mentioned above, it could be a good starting point to kick off the X-Men in the MCU, especially considering Kamala Khan’s strong mutant presence.

The X-Men of the Past and Future Can Experience Time Travel

There have been rumors that the upcoming Fantastic Four movie might feature them in the 1960s. The theory is that the Fantastic Four will get stuck in the Quantum Realm and will escape to come home to the modern era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This could also be the case with the X-Men as the Quantum Realm has been a huge factor in the MCU recently.

The X-Men first debuted in 1963’s Uncanny X-Men #1 (by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.) This could be accurate in-universe, as well, as they deal with quantum-level villains like Kang the Conqueror alongside the Fantastic Four. Like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men could disappear into the quantum realm, including Charles Xavier. With Xavier gone, mutants wouldn’t have a refuge. And any mutants alive or to be born would be kept a secret from society. There’s the alternative that Magneto could be that refuge but he could also disappear in the quantum realm.

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The X-Men Have the Possibility of Becoming the MCU’s Most Successful Team

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Whether they are introduced in the ways mentioned above or in another unique Marvel manner, there’s no doubt that the X-Men, moreover, the mutants, are essential and important to the Marvel mythos. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly but surely introducing the mutant gene in unexpected ways, leaving viewers craving for answers to what the X-Men will look like and how they will appear in the MCU.

While fans don’t have a definitive answer to that yet, their introduction will definitely be one for the books as the mutants play a valuable role in Marvel Comics. They have fought against the Avengers, endured countless tragedies, and dealt with cosmic-level threats time and time again. There are countless stories to be adapted and explored in unique ways. The X-Men are integral to the Marvel Universe and fans are eagerly awaiting their grand cinematic debut.

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