The team behind Hogwarts Legacy has accomplished the staggering task of bringing Hogwarts Castle to life. I’m one of the millions of fans around the world that entered the world of Harry Potter as a kid. I pored over the books’ pages late into the night and side-by-side with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I wandered the halls of one of the most magical places I had ever discovered – Hogwarts. These hallowed halls of learning were a place where everyone was welcome, and now, as an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to enter those halls again through Hogwarts Legacy.

Brick by brick and pillar by pillar, Hogwarts Legacy proves to be a game lovingly and painstakingly made by fans for fans. High-fidelity graphics and beautifully sculpted environments are only the beginning of this feast for the eyes created by the talented team at Avalanche Software. As a longtime fan of the Harry Potter books, I was thrilled to find an endless treasure trove of Hogwarts secrets only found within the pages of our favorite wizarding series.

The First And Best Home He Had Known

Image source: Avalanche Software

Harry Potter refers to Hogwarts Castle as “the first and best home he had known.” Throughout the books, we meet a colorful cast of eccentric, wise, and often compassionate professors and students. Although Hogwarts Legacy takes place well before Harry’s time, a similar array of characters welcomes gamers back to this whimsical world. You’ll even encounter a few familiar faces and names, but I won’t spoil anything here. The joy of encountering these characters yourself is enough to recall those fond memories of late-night reading.

The carefully detailed common rooms are what dreams are made of. I chose to be in Ravenclaw house, and so far, I’ve spent more time climbing Ravenclaw tower than I have on quests. If you choose Slytherin, whose common room canonically resides beneath the Black Lake, you’ll wander the dungeons surrounded by the familiar green tinge of the lake’s depths. Crawl through the tunnel behind the Fat Lady’s portrait into a warm, firelit common room if you choose Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff students will find an open room teeming with plant life to call home.

Image source: Avalanche Software

With each room, hallway, courtyard, and entryway, you’ll find more and more details proving that the team at Avalanche Software certainly did their homework. Yes, there are moving staircases and talking portraits, and you can bet that the Great Hall’s ceiling is enchanted; but look even more closely.

You’ll discover that every corner of this castle is the book come to life.

I Would Never Dream Of Assuming I Know All Hogwarts’ Secrets

Image source: Avalanche Software

Even the great Albus Dumbledore admitted, “I would never dream of assuming I know all Hogwarts’ secrets.” There is far more to this mystical castle than can be included in one or even a dozen articles. Hours of gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy will only scratch the surface of all it has to offer. So we’d better get started.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on February 10, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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