So you’re the new student at school? And…it’s full of spell-casting wizards? Relax. We’ve all been there. Go show your classmates you’ve got what it takes. Find out how to open treasure vaults in this Hogwart’s Legacy-back-to-school-survival-guide.

Types of Vaults

Not every treasure vault is the same, so it’s important to keep that in mind when searching for them. It is possible, for instance, to access some vaults with just one spell. Some vaults, on the other hand, come with their own puzzles and headaches. Accessing these can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, to ensure your first year goes smoothly, here’s some help on how to open all kinds of treasure vaults.

Note: Before embarking on this quest, your wizard will need all their spells. Check out all of those here.

What Spells To Use When?

To handle any potential blockades, use this guide.

  • When wooden boards, dented metal doors, or debris cover the entire entrance, use Depulso. This will help clear a path.
  • When met with spiderwebs or Devil’s Snare roots, try casting Incendio or Confringo.
  • If a lock stands in the way, use the Alohomora spell.
  • Revelio. This will reveal and highlight block handles, which can then be pulled often revealing a chest outright, or, a tunnel leading you to one. When you’re stumped and looking for key items, try casting this.
    • Aside from the block handles, don’t be surprised if Revelio also points out certain cubes, pillars, and even checkered chairs. But, read more about that below.
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‘Barely’ Two Spell Solutions

  • Bone Totem Treasure Vault
    • When standing near the totems outside the vault, cast Accio or Wingardium Levioso, pulling the bones towards you. Stop casting once the bones are above the totem. Next, a bridge should form.
  • Block Handle Treasure Vault
    • As stated previously, after casting Revelio, locate the handle which will now be highlighted. Then cast either Accio or Depulso. (Try both. One may work instead.)
  • Hidden Room Treasure Vault
    • To solve this, cast Glacius on the brazier before you. Next, step on the button. That platform will spin, and when it stops you’ll be in an entirely different room.
  • Fan Puzzle Treasure Vault
    • Once the fan mechanism is found, cast Revelio, revealing both. Next, use Depulso on each mechanism until they light up. It’s critical to cast twice!
  • Floating Brazier Treasure Vault
    • To solve this one, Light the remaining unlit braziers that surround the bonfire with Incendio or Confrigo.

3 Spells and Counting… Hold Onto Your Broomsticks.

Chess Treasure Vault ScreenShot

Pictured above is the Chess Treasure Vault, otherwise known as where things officially get dicey for most players. Solving this one takes three spells and involves putting a chess piece into a checkmate position. So, yeah…scooch over Bobby Fisher.

Lastly, here are a couple of treasure vaults that involve multiple steps and may require some problem-solving. For example,

  • Arrow Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle
  • Spell Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle (pictured below)
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treasure vault opening Hogwarts legacy

The cube tells you which spell to use. If there’s a fire symbol, you’ll need Incendio. If the symbol is a feather, use Levioso. Finally, if there is a snowflake, try Glacius. Simply line up the cube with the plaque, using Accio or Levioso. Then, after that, cast the corresponding spell. Doing so should remove the stones blocking your entrance to the vault.

In conclusion, don’t get intimidated. Opening these vaults boils down to knowing which spells to use and when. Whether you’re hunting for all 114 or just looking for coins for a sell-gear-get-rich-quick scheme. Hope this helps you out. Happy hunting wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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