The release date for Hogwarts Legacy is quickly approaching and we’re getting more and more excited. We have already covered what pre-order bonuses you can expect, we have introduced you to the characters you’ll meet and we’ve told you everything we know about the game in our extensive Q&A. Yes, we even made an overview page that puts all of our coverage in one place.

So what else can we do to get you prepared for Hogwarts Legacy‘s launch?

How about we give you the recipe for the game’s health potion? So you can start collecting ingredients straight from the get-go. Would that help? Is that a yes? Ok, here we go.

Potion Brewing in Hogwarts Legacy:

Hogwarts Legacy: Potion Brewing

Players will most likely be expected to attend Professor Aesop Sharps Potions classes to learn how to make potions in Hogwarts Legacy. Each potion will need a recipe and the correct ingredients before it can be brewed using a timed event mechanic. At some point during the game, players will be able to create additional potions at the brewing station in the “Room of Requirements”.

The Wiggenwald Potion:

Hogwarts Legacy: The Wiggenwald Potion

The developers of Hogwarts Legacy revealed the contents of the Wiggenwald Potion in advance and this is the recipe:

  • Add One Drop of Horklump Juice to your cauldron
  • Add One Batch of Dittany Leaves to your cauldron
  • Stir and hope it doesn’t go BOOM! (Kidding, that doesn’t happen… well, not with this potion at least).

The handwriting next to the bottle says: “Aids in healing and restores a bit of the drinker’s health”.

And that’s that! See, wasn’t that complicated. Be sure to join us for more tips and tricks, coming soon!

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S.

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