Between the three regions of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Highlands; no matter what House you belong to in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re sure to have plenty of quests to keep you busy! Each quest gives you the chance to explore different areas of the map and encounter multiple different scenarios as you navigate the wizarding world as a new student.

There are tons of side quests to choose from in Hogwarts Legacy that start the moment you go to your first classes. There are 134 quests in total if you include the main story, with about 57 of those being side quests, which can be found throughout the world. These side quests can be classified as:

  • Relationship Quests
  • Assignment Quests
  • Beast Quests
  • House-Specific Quests

Each one can be completed at any time, however, with some of these side quests affecting how the story is played out and changing how it might end. It is up to you on how you choose to let these quests alter your gameplay and whether or not you complete these in your initial playthroughs.

Relationship Quests

Hogwarts Legacy

On your first few days at Hogwarts, you will get sorted into your House and then in the morning, you are able to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates. Regardless of the House you choose you can interact with all the characters outside of their common rooms and listen to what they have to say.

Some of the characters play into your story more than others do, such as Natsai Onai from Gryffindor House, Sebastian Sallow from Slytherin House, and Poppy Sweeting from Hufflepuff House. Unfortunately, there is not a Ravenclaw student you can mainly interact with like the three listed above, but there are still Ravenclaws walking around the castle grounds that you could have a quick word with.

Each of the three students has certain quest lines for you to follow that unlock different spells and advances the plot of the story. Of course, in order to achieve 100% completion within the game you will need to complete all of these side quests but there are some other incentives to doing these quests.

Relationship Quests can directly affect how the story will end, with your actions and dialogue choices changing how characters interact with you. You’ll need to complete all of these quests if you want to receive the Relationship Trophy and each student’s achievements at the end of them. But these quests don’t need to be finished before the main storyline and if you want to have these characters’ actions affect your ending then you’ll need to embark on some adventures with your newfound friends!

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Sebastian Sallow has the most side quests out of the three listed above, having a total of nine over the girl’s number of seven. Each one of the characters has their own goals and aspirations, such as Natsai Onai being on a path of justice to stop those who seek to destroy her new home at Hogwarts and Poppy Sweeting wishing to save all magical creatures from poachers.

Each player’s decision on how you treat and interact with these characters will play into the ending, so be cautious and keep in mind exactly what ending you would want when making decisions!

Assignment Quests

Each one of us starts off this game as a brand new fifth-year student at Hogwarts, meaning we haven’t learned some of the more basic spells like our peers have. We are at a disadvantage, which has made our Professors give us extra assignments to help us catch up before our O.W.L.S.

These can range from many different tasks depending on the Professor, such as Professor Hecat’s assignments, which have you encounter the slightly illegal dueling club at Hogwarts run by Lucan Brattleby so you can understand using spells in combat. Each quest given by a teacher rewards you with a new spell after the set of tasks is complete and can unlock different side quests and abilities for you to use outside the classroom. Look for your professors after each class you attend to see if they have a new side quest for you to complete.

The only Professors who give you these quests are; Madam Kogawa, Professor Garlick, Professor Hecat, Professor Howin, Professor Onai, Professor Ronen, Professor Sharp, and Professor Weasley. Each of these Professors has two assignments to give you, with only Professors Onai, Howin, Weasley, and Ronen having only one quest to assign.

Beast Quests

Another quest line you can expect to unlock is the ability to find and collect different creatures within the Harry Potter universe. From hippogriffs to nifflers, you can find 13 different magical beasts that you can save from the poachers that hunt them. This number includes Hippogriff, Jobberknoll, Mooncalf, Niffler, Diricawl, Fwopper, Giant Purple Toad, Graphorn, Kneazle, Puffskein, Thestral, Unicorn, and Phoenix. Some of these can even be ridden as mounts.

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This quest line comes from Deek, a house-elf that lives in Hogwarts, who will give you a Nap Sack to capture these animals to put in your Vivariums. The Nap Sack is equipped like some of your spells, being able to aim and “cast” it to collect any unsuspecting beasts. This quest line starts with, “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom.”, and gives players the ability to learn what it means to be a Magizoologist.

These beasts can be found by the paw print icons located on the world maps, which highlight animal dens specific to the creatures they home. Something to take note of is that there are rare versions of some of these creatures, as they appear with different colors such as the niffler showing up as blue.

After you finish your curriculum in the Beasts class in the main storyline, finding and collecting beasts no longer becomes an essential part of the story. It becomes more of something you can do outside of normal quest lines as you find and collect different species.

House-Specific Quests

There’s only one kind of quest that you can only get depending on the House you chose at the beginning of the game. These quests can greatly alter your own experience in the game as each one shows you something you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. They all center around a former student of Hogwarts named Richard Jackdaw, but how you meet him depends on which House you belong to:

For those who value bravery and courage like Godric Gryffindor’s House, you will help Nearly Headless Nick as he attempts to join the Headless Hunt by finding the head of Richard Jackdaw in, The Hunt for the Missing Pages. This quest line takes most of its interactions and locations from the Harry Potter books and has a bit of a more “spookier” theme to it than the rest.

Loyal and hardworking students valued by Helga Hufflepuff’s House will have by far the most extensive and interesting House quest as you journey to Azkaban to solve Jackdaw’s murder in, Prisoner of Love. This quest is one of the darker and by far the most entertaining of the other Houses, with an all-expenses paid trip to Azkaban and the chance to see Dementors in action.

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Those with an insane amount of wit and creativity in Rowena Ravenclaw’s House will help the wand-maker, Ollivander, track down a wand stolen from Richard Jackdaw in, Ollivander’s Heirloom. With this quest, we can go visit the Owlery and figure out the puzzle set there to find more clues, but that’s about it. Ravenclaw definitely got the shortest end of the stick when it comes to this specific Jackdaw quest.

Lastly, those select few with a certain level of cleverness and ambition reflective of the values of Salazar Slytherin will find themselves on a mission from the House Elf named Scrope. He tasks you with finding a Black family heirloom in the mysterious Grotto to give to the headmaster and by doing so you meet the ghost of Jackdaw.


All of these side quests can be completed at any time, even after you fully complete the game’s main quest line, and none of them have time restraints or disappear after a certain point in the game. You can always go back to do them at a later time if you wish, as everything in the world will remain open after the main story is done. But these quests do help you gain experience points so you can level up faster than if you just avoided them and can change what kind of witch or wizard you are at the end of it.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th, and Nintendo Switch, on July 25th.

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