With the recent release of Hogwarts Legacy, the question going through everyone’s mind was: How big will the release be? While the game is set to release on February 10th, you can play Hogwarts Legacy right now if you purchase the Digital Deluxe version. And as it turns out, tons of people chose to bypass the wait and start streaming right now. So much so that it has reached a new record for Single-Player Concurrent Viewers. An impressive feat for a game facing a backlash due to recent controversies.

1.3 Million and Other Big Numbers

Conjuring up a high viewership count and a high player count.

On February 7, Hogwarts Legacy broke the record for the most-watched single-player game with a staggering 1.3 million viewers. During this time, partner streamers with enabled drops for the game will give viewers the chance to ea five in-game items if they watch two hours during the next three weeks. While it is still a long way from being the most viewed game of all time (that belongs to League of Legends with 3.11 million viewers), this shows how many people wish to visit the wizarding world.

While it will be some time before we know the sales count for Hogwarts Legacy, Steam is showing the player count is pretty numerous as well. For steam players, Hogwarts Legacy has had a peak player count of 474,144; making it the second highest peak in history for a paid Single-Player only game (falling behind Cyberpunk 2077‘s monstrous 830,387 players at the time of its launch).

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Hogwarts Legacy launches on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 on February 10th. Last-Gen versions will come out on April 4th, and the Nintendo Switch will arrive in July 25th.

Source: Insider-Gaming, Gamespot

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