Playstation debuts new PS VR2 titles, gives us a sneak peak at Resident Evil 4, and features an exciting showcase of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

PlayStation’s February State of Play aired recently, and with a wide range of familiar titles and new ones, it seems that everyone had something to be excited about. Destiny fans got a peak at Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest expansion in the Destiny franchise. Street Fighter 6 hits consoles this summer, the Resident Evil 4 remake returns this month, and a slew of PS VR2 games as well as fresh, indie games are on their way. And let’s not forget the wild, extended look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

You can watch the full State of Play event here, but for now, here are just a few of the highlights from February’s event.

The next level of PlayStation VR2

The Foglands PS5 PS VR2 State of Play PlayStation

Five new PSVR2 games kicked off the event, and the titles include survival, sci-fi, and more. Titles include: The Foglands, a roguelike shooter; Green Hell VR, a survival adventure; nDreams Studio’s Synapse; Journey to Foundation for sci-fi fans of Isaac Asimov; and Before Your Eyes, an emotional, first-person narrative.

New to indie games

Tchia New Caledonia Adventure PS5 PlayStation

Gamers looking for some unique adventures will want to check out the newest indie games coming to PS4 and PS5. Goodbye Volcano High, a cinematic narrative adventure set at a high school for dinos and fantasy teens, will arrive in June. New Caledonia-inspired Tchia now has a release date of March 21, 2023, and this beautiful adventure game will have you dreaming of sunshine and clear waters.

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Suicide Squad, Resident Evil 4 remake, and Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion

Resident Evil 4 IV Remake PS5 PlayStation Leon

The excitingly familiar faces of Resident Evil 4 have been remastered and are coming back to PS4 and PS5. PlayStation gave us a look at new gameplay in anticipation for the release on March 24.

A brand new trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest expansion to the Destiny IP, highlighted the arrival of a mysterious new foe as well as quality-of-life upgrades to the game.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League DC Comics Rocksteady PlayStation

Finally, fans got an in-depth look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady Studios revealed 4-player co-op and a behind the scenes look at the development of the game and all the effort of the team that made the newest DC Comics installment possible.

The PlayStation State of Play took place on February 23, and a complete recap can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

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