Hi-Fi Rush was recently shadow-dropped and we cannot get enough of it. The action-rhythm game puts you in control of Chai, a wannabe rockstar that loves The Black Keys and destroying robots. You unlock combos, abilities, and friends as you fight to overcome an evil corporation.

Peppermint happens to be one of those friends. You first meet her in the form of a cat named 808. Or perhaps, possessing the cat? Either way, the cat is involved, and you can pet it.

Hi-Fi Rush is not stingy with upgrades. As you progress you’ll be handed super moves, extra combos, and an increased health bar. But you will also unlock the ability to call in a favor from Peppermint. Here is how to use Peppermint’s abilities in Hi-Fi Rush.

How to Use Peppermint’s abilities

Hi-Fi Rush peppermint 808 chai

You’ll need to unlock Peppermint as a teammate before you can use her powerful abilities. You’ll even be able to buy upgrades from her like increased health so you don’t die!

To unlock Peppermint, you’ll need to overcome the first boss, QA-1MIL. Afterward, you’ll meet 808. The cutscene following will introduce you to Peppermint for the first time. Enjoy the friendly banter and move on to the second stage.

Close to the end of the next stage, you’ll be given a tutorial on how to use Peppermint. First, to destroy an energy shield and then to shoot a button. To use Peppermint, you’ll press the right trigger (RT) for Xbox or the ALT key for PC. Once those tutorials are finished, you’ll notice that you have a new teammate available! A portrait of Peppermint can be seen under Chai’s health bar.

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You can call in Peppermint to destroy energy shields or launch bad guys into the air. If you have a full power gauge, that is. You don’t have to worry about pesky aiming, either. Peppermint targets any enemy Chai is targeting.

That’s how you unlock Peppermint’s abilities in Hi-Fi Rush! Who is your favorite Hi-Fi Rush character? Let us know in the comments!

Hi-Fi Rush is available now on PC, Xbox One & Series X/S

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