Hi-Fi Rush has been a pleasant surprise for Xbox fans in early 2023. The new game was shadow-dropped at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, and its smooth gameplay and fascinating world, along with a funny and charming main character, have made it an early success story in 2023. Fans have been eager to play but may be wondering what type of time commitment is needed.

Tango Gameworks, makers of the Evil Within series, have departed from horror with Hi-Fi Rush. Reminding fans of games like Jet Set Radio and Sunset Overdrive, Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based game where simple button mashing won’t get you the best results. Instead, time your attacks to the beat to do the most damage and survive.

How Long Is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush, Xbox, Chai

Hi-Fi Rush has an insanely cool premise in which the whole world is made up of music in which the protagonist, Chai, can feel the beat of.

Using the best part of the game of the game – its combat – Chai fights an evil corporation full of various types of enemies and bosses. This music system makes the game feel very unique and has been an absolute blast to play.

The game itself is roughly 11 hours long if you are purely focusing on the main game but if you’re after all the collectibles and extras, you’re looking at upwards of 25 hours.

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Hi-Fi Rush is out now on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox and PC! So get out there and fight to the best.

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