It is almost the end of June and time has flown by so fast. But if you think this month is crazy, the month of July will be as well. Not only with the number of games coming out but there are certain titles that are getting updates too. One of those games is Hi-Fi Rush as I think it is one of the bigger updates. Especially with this update bringing two brand-new game modes.

BPM Rush

Hi-Fi Rush, Xbox, Chai, Gamepass

This game mode focuses on “turbo mode,” which is much faster gameplay compared to other modes. Especially how it affects both enemy attacks and how the player performs combos. I can’t wait to find out how difficult this mode will be as developers are marketing this as a more challenging game mode. I like that the developers are listening to the players as a complaint many have had is that the game is a bit more on the easy side.

Power Up Tower Up

Hi-Fi Rush, Xbox, Chai

This game mode is pretty much a more randomized version of the Rhythm Tower mode. This time, the abilities and stats get reset to zero and you work your way back up. For every wave you can get through, you can make a power-up/upgrade. I will say I love the name of this mode: Power Up Tower Up. It just fits so well.

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Luckily you don’t have to wait long to play these two new modes as it is going to be available on July 5th. This is a good thing as Hi-Fi Rush did need something to make the game fresher and the early release in July will help attract players to the game. I can’t wait to play these game modes.

Hi-Fi Rush is available to play now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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