Halo fans rejoice — a new event is coming to Halo Infinite on January 17th.

The Joint Fire event was first announced by the official Halo Twitter account and will run from the initial launch until January 31st.

Participating in the Covert One Flag mode and completing the objectives will allow you to earn exclusive cosmetics from the game.

So, what cosmetics can you earn from this latest event? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Covert One Flag Mode Work?

Covert One Flag mode is very similar to standard capture the flag. One team will be charged with defending a white flag while the opposing team must attempt to capture it during each round.

So, what’s the twist? Each team starts off with a different set of weapons and defenses, forcing players to be creative with what they’ve been given. The first team to reach three points wins.

What Prizes Are Available in Joint Fire?

Prizes consist of SAP/JFO shoulder pads, UA/Type JFO knee pads, JFO helmets, and the Bay Sunset visor — making them the perfect addition to customize the look and feel of your loadout.

Let’s just hope your teammates are as invested in earning these prizes as you are.

If this sounds like fun to you, don’t hesitate to sign up and give yourself a leg-up in the competition. There’s lots to claim out there.

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