In the game Hades, there are so many variety in weapons. Especially in Zagreus arsenal as he has some of the better weapons in the game. The best way to get the most damage through his weapons is through Titan Blood. Many have wondered, what in the World is Titan Blood and How do we obtain it? Well I am going to answer that in this article.

What Is Titan Blood?

Titan Blood is a very useful item that can upgrade and improve your weapons. Titan Blood is important via the Infernal Arm as that is an aspect of Zagreus. Worse for worse you can use Titan blood to upgrade other aspects as well. In fact there is even an option to purchase ranks from the resource director in the game along with the Stygian Theme with the House Contractor.

How to get More of It?

Hades Titan Blood

Now that we know what Titan Blood is in Hades, lets explore how to get more of it in the game. Well the good news is that there are multiple different ways that you can obtain Hades Blood in this game.

1. Defeat Megaera – IDK if this is a glitch, but every time that you defeat Megaera, One Titan Blood drops. Especially when a different weapon is used. It is a little strange, but hey it works.

2. Defeating Hades (1st Time) – Beating Hades is a must, but you have to use a first time weapon

3. Defeating both Megaera & Hades (Heat Gauge) – This one is a little more complex, but I found out that every time you turn up the Heat gauge on the Pact of Punishment. You can get Titan Blood for Heat 2 with Twin Fists and with a Heart-Seeking Bow when beating both Hades and Megaera. So make sure you turn up the heat gauge when you can. KEEP IN MIND: You can only do this after you beat the game for the first time

4. Making a Trade with the Wretched Broker – Well this one is pretty Simple. All you have to do is go to the Wretched Broker and purchase the Titan Blood for 1 Ambrosia.

5. Purchase them from Charon’s Shop – Charon’s Shop is located in the River of Styx and he on occasion sells the Titan Blood in the shop. Keep in mind the words “on Occasion” as there are times where he does not sell it in his shop. If it is available it only costs 1,500 obols, which is very expensive.

6. Fishing In Greece or Final Boss Area – This one is pretty self explanatory as you can fish for the Titan Blood in Greece or in the Final Boss Area

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So that is the entire guide regarding Titan Blood in Hades. To me my recommendation is to always play it safe, save and whatever opportunity you have to get the Titan Blood, take it. Whether it is a purchase or defeating Hades & Megaera. However it is your choice, but there is no question that Titan Blood is extremely useful item.

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Hades is available to play now on macOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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