Despite the popularity of Hades, many expected Supergiant to move on and release a new IP. To our surprise, they debuted a trailer for Hades 2 at the 2022 Game Awards. This is their fifth game and first-ever sequel, so they have big shoes to fill with high expectations from fans; nearly five million have seen the trailer on Youtube. But how does time and witchcraft fit into Greek mythology? Here’s what we know so far about Hades 2.

The Hades 2 Trailer

Hades 2 Dora Shade Moros Hades

First, check out the official trailer to familiarize yourself. Would you play it? Supergiant promises Hades 2 features even more: over a dozen gods, boons, and expansion upon world exploration. Apparently, the game centers around “the dawn of witchcraft.” Appropriate, since it emphasizes magic or magick.

Two women duel each other in the trailer. The shorter orange one, Melinoe (meh-li-noh-ë), dual-wields a dagger and sickle empowered with sorcery. She trains with Hecate, the goddess of magic and the supernatural. Their mission? Death to Chronos. Suddenly, more characters pop up. Moros: Doom Incarnate, Apollo: God of Light, Nemesis: Retribution Incarnate, and Dora the Listless Shade. Who are you most excited about? And who else do you want to see in Hades 2? Personally, I want to see more Olympians like Hera, Hestia, and Hephaestus.

The trailer also teases a glimpse of boons. Some terms may be familiar, but there are many new ones. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Hades is stripped and chained up. He warns us of the unstoppable Titan; Chronos, time incarnate.

What Is The Story?

Hades 2 Hecate Melinoe

Hades 2 is a direct sequel, taking place “some time” after the first with the main antagonist appearing to be Chronos. This time, you play as the immortal princess Melinoe, daughter of Hades and sister to Zagreus. So far, we haven’t seen anything of the previous protagonist, but I’m betting he has a cameo somewhere.

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Melinoe originates from the Orphic Hymns, written by the poet Orpheus. She is portrayed as a Chthonic goddess or nymph who delivers nightmares and madness, so most closely related to Hecate and the Erinyes, or known as the Furies. Melinoe was born to Zeus and Persephone originally. However, just like Zagreus, I’m sure Supergiant has taken their own liberties with the source material, as they should.

What Is The Gameplay Like?

Hades 2 Hecate Foes Shades Magic Melinoe

Hades 2 will be like its predecessor: a roguelike but with the twist of witchcraft. We are already familiar with boons, but they come with new words. “Nova Strike” buffs your attack area and damage. Blinding Sprint speeds up your “Sprint” and applies “Daze”; perhaps it replaces the dash? The third is “Clarifying Light”. It restores “Magick” when standing in your “Casts”. Magick sounds like a new resource. Cast was used in the original Hades, so there might be boons that grant it lasting AOE.

The trailer features shade enemies, but many aquatic ones too. We see Melinoe spawn in a forest; I’m assuming it’s the first level. These foes are ghostly or ghoulish. She also fights in a nautical factory location? The enemies featured here are some kind of flying bird-fish and hammerhead shark-centaurs. Perhaps you’re on the surface and traveling toward the sea. In addition to your dual weapons, you may also wield a staff for ranged attacks, but you melee with the sickle.


What Can We Expect From Hades 2?

Hades 2 Quince Arm Hecate Melinoe

Just a heads-up, this is just my speculation based on research for Hades 2, ancient Greek culture, and mythology. Melinoe has a striking design. The seemingly bold choice of her clothes could refer to her name, meaning “having the color of quince”. The ancient Greeks associated the fruit’s hue with the countenance of sickness and death. Melinoe’s spectral left arm is also of note; perhaps she lost it and Hecate blessed her? In addition, we see her run up to Hecate in-game. This may be a shot in the dark, but I think Hecate might be the first boss. She is testing to see if you are worthy of leaving the forest.

Speculating The Story

Hades 2 Apollo Nemesis Boon Night Moon Sigil

Based on what we’ve seen, I’m predicting the story is about preventing Chronos from rewinding time to resurrect the Titans. Maybe Hades is shackled to prevent them from staying dead? I’m guessing some Chthonic gods are on Chronos’ side with the Olympians obviously opposing them. It’s interesting how the Olympians are labeled as “gods of etc.” Meanwhile, other gods, mainly Chthonic, are literal “incarnates”. Are the Titans the literal incarnations of concepts that the Olympians stripped from them?

Thanatos and Hypnos are death and sleep incarnate respectively. Despite their relationship as siblings to Nemesis, the two are pretty much strangers to her. However, a possible storyline could have you run into all three on your multiple runs. Maybe you can bring them together by relaying their messages? Nemesis also hoped to train harder than Melinoe to attract Hecate’s attention. I’m hazarding a guess that Nemesis is the second-level boss.

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In one shot, Melinoe accepts Apollo’s boon; it’s a sun reminiscent of a gear. Despite being on the surface, we’ve yet to see the sun itself. Due to his time powers, Chronos has probably cast the world in permanent night. We know what this means for the god of light, but how does this affect Artemis and Nyx?

When Will Hades 2 Be Released?

Hades 2 Epic Games Steam

We don’t know when Hades 2 will officially come out for purchase. However, early access should be available sometime in 2023! The players’ feedback was essential to Hades‘ improvement and success. Supergiant plans to repeat the method leading up to the version 1.0 launch. Presumably, to join early access, all you have to do is buy the game. You can wishlist it on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

What Platforms Is Hades 2 On?

Supergiant Hades Transistor Pyre Bastion

Hades 2 early access will debut on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It plans to be available on PC and console games as it is further developed. Get excited for it to come out! Based on Supergiant’s fantastic track record, this will be another indie hit.

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