Humble Bundle has had some great book bundles over the last few months. A few months ago, you could get all of Steven Erickson’s Malazan for cheap, and even more recently we saw all of John Scalzi’s books in a bundle (minus Starter Villain). Now, you can get almost all of Discworld by Terry Pratchett for as low as $18.

Head on over to Humble Bundle and look for the book bundles, or follow this link to see the books. You can get Equal Rites, The Light Fantastic, and The Color of Magic for $1. For $10, you can get 9 of his books, but the best value is spending the $18 for 38 of his 41 Discworld novels.

The ones not included are the last two books Raising Steam, The Shepherd’s Crown, and the illustrated fable The Last Hero.

Still an absolutely great deal though, and as an added bonus you get to support literacy through Room to Read, an organization that fosters literacy in low-income communities.

One quick caveat if you do buy the collection, DO NOT start with the first book, The Colour of Magic. It’s a weaker book in the overarching world of Discworld and it’s better suited to go back to after reading some of his other books. Head over here for a better way to read the books, but starting with either Mort, Going Postal, Wyrd Sisters, Small Gods, or Guards!Guards! is a better way to get introduced to the world.

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