We like the Pretty Lights!

Folks in the U.S. celebrated their Independence Day this week with fireworks and grilled meat. That particular holiday may not be international, but most anyone appreciates the notion of freedom.

For instance, freedom from paying high prices to play video games. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a believer.

So check out the Steam Summer Sale. Or you can jump on a few exclusives on the EA app. Both sales run through July 13th, and you won’t want to miss snagging the latest hit at a low price.

Still here? Guess that means you’re looking to play without pay. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few freebies. Enjoy them–at no charge–while you weigh the pros & cons of emptying that Steam store cart.

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

(Bioware, 2018)

The Baldur’s Gate games are the true ancestors to modern role-playing giants like Mass Effect or Dragon’s Age. Released in 2002, hit RPG Neverwinter Nights is the missing link. Cure the Wailing Death plague in an updated version of a classic that has informed the latest generation of RPG’s. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is available for Amazon Prime subscribers through Prime Gaming.

Shovel Knight Showdown

(Yacht Club Games, 2019)

Trapped in a mirror with the dreaded Enchantress, Shovel Knight must duke it out in a multiplayer platformer. A spin-off from the hit Shovel Knight franchise, this multiplayer fighter pits you against both foe AND friend. Shovel Knight Showdown is available for Amazon Prime subscribers through Prime Gaming.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3

(Vertigo Gaming, 2020)

America has fallen and it’s up to culinary androids Whisk and Cleaver to revitalize a broken population with tasty food! Assemble your food truck and prep meals to go in your race to win the Iron Speedway food truck championship. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3 is available for Amazon Prime subscribers through Prime Gaming.


(Clover Bite & Akupara Games, 2021)

Explore an atmospheric world of strange characters and buried secrets in this Metroidvania platform adventure game. You’ll absorb living creatures to use as weapons and hunt challenging monsters to steal their abilities. Grime is available for free on Epic Game Store from July 6th to July 13th, 2023.

So many strange landscapes await your first step. Be the hero you want to be, but remember that there are adventures still to come. Check back next week to see if you’ll drive a train across the countryside or join a galactic rebellion. Until then, Happy Gaming to all!

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