A new year means a new you, or at least some new Games With Gold on your Xbox. No matter what your other resolutions are, you should make a commitment to check out the new games you get for free just for being an Xbox Live Gold member.

Xbox Games With Gold has been around for years, and the program rewards loyal customers with some free games to download each month just for being a member of Xbox Live Gold. Since the rise of Xbox Game Pass, the Games With Gold program has been oft-criticized by fans for the quality of games included in it. But hey, they’re still games you can download at no additional cost, so there’s that.

January 2023 Xbox Games With Gold

The Games With Gold for January 2023 are:

  • Iris Fall, normally $19.99, available January 1 to January 31
  • Autonauts, normally $19.99, available January 16 to February 15

A puzzle game, Iris Fall features a young girl named Iris who follows a black cat and winds up on quite an adventure throughout the world. Light and dark are strong themes in Iris Fall, and the monochromatic color scheme stands out quite a bit.

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If you’re more into world building than puzzle solving, maybe Autonauts will be for you. Start at the very beginning, literally harvesting sticks and stones, and progress to a world where you’ve taught artificial intelligence to do everything for you.

If you missed December 2022’s Games With Gold, you can still get Bladed Fury until January 15.

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