There are already a handful of video games set in the world of A Song of Ice & Fire (The saga which Game of Thrones adapted), but they failed to be as successful as video games in the same genre such as Skyrim, The Witcher, and other fantasy games. The fault does not lie with the source material, but with how it was adapted, this universe is a vibrant series filled with many locations and events that would be a great fit for multiple video games, and this article will explain how it should occur.

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Why should there be an adaptation?

Game of Thrones

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Even though it hasn’t been completed, A Song of Ice & Fire is one of the best fantasy universes rivaling even Lord of The Rings in terms of worldbuilding, characters, and plotlines. The series can hold many video games in its timeline, and they could work similarly to The Witcher video games. The new video game adaptations do not need to be canon. Still, they should honor the themes, lore, and characters of the story just as CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher. House of The Dragon showed that there is still interest and that many fans would buy the video game if it was made by a Triple-A video game company.

Where would it be set?

If there is an adaptation of Westeros, then it should be set in the timeline of the book series; A Song of Ice & Fire and not the show universe, which is completely separate from the books. The original source material’s timeline is extremely different from that of the show, and it holds events that would work better in a video game. There are plenty of events that would work for a video game, such as The Original Long Night (it’s said to have lasted many generations, perhaps even hundreds of years), The Blackfyre rebellions, The Dance of the Dragons (House of The Dragon is set in this time period and many other periods in this saga’s history).

Location, location, location

The location of the game is also very important, the game could be set north of the wall, and we could see the home of the white walkers, where ice dragons that are bigger than any fire dragon lurk. There are also said to be giant ice spiders north of the wall and in command of the White Walkers. Hundreds of living giants and many other creatures that we do not know about.

There are also the five forts near the fabled lands of YiTi, which is said to be the equivalent of The Wall that houses the Night’s Watch. The Five Forts are said to hold the advances of creatures that are just as dangerous as the white Walkers, and some speculate that when the Long Night appears again in the books, these monstrous races will descend upon Essos and Westeros simultaneously.

There are also the Iron Islands, similar to Skellige from The Witcher 3 in terms of culture and size. If CD Projekt Red would adapt this saga, then they would do a great job adapting the Iron Islands as they did Skellige.

Who will be the protagonist?

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This is a tricky question, as video games would do well to create a new character for this lore or a character that we read briefly about in the lore. However, there are some characters that would be a great fit for this role, like Ser Duncan the Tall from the book A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Duncan would be a great fit as he and his squire (King Aegon the Fifth) had many adventures across all of Westeros, many of which are yet to be fully explored.

There are also countless unknown characters from the lore that had many adventures that aren’t fully recorded, like Rodrik Stark, also known as The Wandering Wolf. Rodrik joined a mercenary group that later served a Dragon Princess some fans might know well. Rodrik had many other adventures, which would make him an excellent fit for the role of the protagonist as we do not know that much about him, and the writers would have more room to build his character in whatever way they want.


Adapting A Song of Ice & Fire would be a great idea because of its expansive world and the rich lore it holds. What do you think? Do you want a new video game set in this series? If so, how would you want it to be made? Would you like it to be a role-playing game or a linear story? Please comment below and tell us what you think about this topic.

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