The newest season of Fortnite has just released this past Friday, and millions of players have logged on to check it out. There’s a whole new battle pass with all new loot to grab. OG Pass comes in with seven main skins to grab, v-bucks, and more.


  • Spectra Knight
  • Lil Split
  • Matcha Lil Split
  • Renegade Lynx
  • Dark Storm Renegade Lynx
  • Magmatic Renegade Lynx (Bonus)
  • Omegarok
  • Harbinger Armor Omegarok


  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • Six Pickaxes
  • Six Back Bling Items
  • Five Gliders
  • Four Weapon Skins
  • Four Emotes
  • Three Contrails
  • And a healthy amount of Sprays and Loading Screens

Spectra Knight Customization

The Spectra Knight is one of the best features of the OG Pass. The Spectra knight unlocks on the first page of the pass and is easily one of the best items. You can customize the helmet and pattern of clothes the knight is wearing. You can also customize the colors the Spectra Knight is wearing (of course!), and you can really bling them out!

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