The Star Wars Black Series is a line of toys based on—you guessed it—Star Wars! Well, more specifically, it’s mostly a series of action figures, many of which take on a retro style for fans of the original trilogy. So regardless of whether you were there when the first Star Wars movies hit theaters, there’s still plenty of nostalgia from this line of toys. What we’re here for today, however, is the upcoming fan-favorite in this series: the Black Series Scout Trooper Helmet—not an action figure, but a fully wearable helmet.

The Scout Troopers, according to Wookiepedia, are “a specialized variant of stormtroopers, used by the Galactic Empire on a series of missions, mostly including reconnaissance…” Otherwise known as, you know, scouting. Hence the catchy name. This particular helmet is a special release, Hasbro’s way of celebrating the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. Sorry if I just dated anyone out there, not to make you feel old or anything.

Return of the Jedi Scout Helmet Now Available for Pre-Order

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Regardless, the Scout Trooper Helmet is a really sweet piece of gear; it doesn’t just look the part; it also features a voice changer that’ll let you talk to the troopers and live out all your cosplay dreams. Minus the part where you get taken out by a space wizard and a bunch of alien teddy bears with a surprising and honestly sort of concerning amount of military strategy. For those interested, it will be available sometime this summer.

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