Summons are one of the most iconic aspects of the Final Fantasy Franchise. They take center stage in the latest entry, Final Fantasy XVI. The Main Protagonist, Clive Rosfield, can harness the power of Eikons (traditionally known as Espers or Eidolons, depending on the Final Fantasy game.) Throughout Clive’s adventure, you will encounter eight Classic Final Fantasy Eikons and can absorb five powers from each. From there, you can use ability points to upgrade each ability. Here are all available Eikons and their respective abilities.


The first Eikon introduced, the Phoenix has a mix of close and ranged Fire-based attacks.

The Phoenix has the following Abilities:

  • Rising Flame: Summon a Flame wing that deals damage while launching enemies into the air, opening up to combos.
  • Phoenix Shift: Close the distance between you and an enemy by running towards them.
  • Scarlet Cyclone: AoE that will damage enemies within a circle.
  • Heatwave: Block projectiles with a wall of flames, then subsequently attack.·        
  • Flames of Rebirth: An AoE that sets the ground on fire, dealing damage to enemies and restoring a small amount of Clive’s HP.


The second Eikon also grants Clive fire-based attacks. Although Ifrit has the fewest abilities, they are used during normal combat and the kaiju-esque fights sprinkled throughout Final Fantasy XVI. Ifrit’s abilities are:

  • Will-o’-the-Wykes: Creates fireballs that circle Clive, damaging incoming enemies and blocking damage.
  • Ignition: Cloaks Clive in fire and gives his superhuman speed, allowing him to run into an enemy, dealing continuous damage.
  • Limit Break: Pressing the thumbs sticks down while Clive’s orange Limit Break bar is full will boost every of Clive’s attacks.


The Wind-based Harpy is the second Eikon Clive faces. Once he obtains her powers, another four abilities are unlocked:

  • Gouge: Summons a pair of claws to unleash a flurry of slashes, dealing damage rapidly for a few seconds.
  • Deadly Embrace: Pulls in smaller enemies close to you. Grappling larger enemies will cause Clive to launch into the air. 
  • Wicked Wheel: Twirl around to slash at enemies, either lifting them into the air or keeping them in midair.
  • Rook’s Gambit: A counterattack where Clive steps back to swipe at the enemy.  
  • Ariel Blast: Summon a tornado that will deal damage per second.


The third Eikon, Ramuh’s electric-based skills, is designed to paralyze enemies for some time.

  • Pile Drive: Drive Ramuh’s Staff into the ground creating an electric wave that deals AoE damage.
  • Blind Justice: Similar to the Shotlock mechanic in Kingdom Hearts 3 and Birth By Sleep, Blind Justice allows Clive to shoot thunder by aiming a reticle toward upward of nine enemies.
  • Thunderstorm: Unleashes bolts of lightning onto a single target.
  • Lightning Rod: Creates a ball of lightning that will chain nearby enemies.
  • Judgment Bolt: Summons a large bolt of lightning that deals a massive amount of damage to a single target. 


The fifth Eikon, the Titan, has Strength and defensive-based abilities and is best used against single enemies, especially bosses, as his abilities are timing based.

  • Windup: A Winding Punch Press and hold the square button, then release while in the red area to maximize damage.
  • Titanic Block: Although you can parry attacks, using Titan Block is the only true way to block damage in Final Fantasy XVI. Pressing the Square button at the right time will allow Clive to counterattack up to three times.
  • Upheaval: Slam a Fist to the ground, causing enemies to launch into the air, opening for combo attacks.
  •  Raging Fists: Step forward to unleash a barrage of punches. Blocking just before performing this move will increase the damage dealt.
  • Earthen Furry: Send a wave of rocks forward, sending your enemies up into the air.


The sea serpent god is the next unlockable Eikon, giving Clive light abilities best suited for those that like using magic, as all Bahamut’s attacks are ranged.

  • Impulse: Summon spheres of light that hone in on enemies, dealing continuous damage.  
  • Wings of Light: Pressing the Square button will allow Clive to fly around while charging the Megaflare bar. Unleashing this attack rains beams of light from the sky, damaging enemies in range.
  • Flare Breath: Unleash a stream of fire, dealing continuous damage to enemies in its path.
  • Satellite: Clive directs multiple familiars to fire upon enemies while using magic attacks.  
  • Megaflare: Fire a large beam of Light that deals damage to any enemy in its path.


The second to last Eikon, Shiva, the ice goddess, gives Clive Ice-based abilities designed to freeze enemies and deal continuous damage.

  • Ice Age: Unleashes a river of icicles that knock enemies backward. Holding the square button and releasing it in the red area will increase the damage dealt.
  • Cold Snap: Slide around for a few seconds, useful for dodging oncoming attacks. Attacking with the “O” button temporarily freezes enemies.
  • Mesmerize: Launches multiple shards of ice at opponents that can bring lighter enemies closer to Clive.
  • Rime: Summon a gigantic ice crystal that deals continuous damage to enemies that become trapped inside.
  • Diamond Dust: Summon a winter storm that will freeze enemies inside its radius before dealing massive damage.


Final Fantasy XVI Odin

You unlock the last Eikon, Odin just before the final boss fight. Odin, much like his Norse mythology counterpart is a God of Death and Darkness, and his powers are Darkness, the antithesis of Bahamut. Odin’s abilities fill up the “Zantetsuken” bar, when full, Clive unleashes a powerful move that can either clear the screen of enemies or take a large chunk of health from a boss.

  • Gungnir: Use the legendary spear to attack with several swift slashes.
  • Army of Darkness: Replace Clive’s weapon with Odin’s sword, dealing extra damage.
  • Heaven’s Cloud: Jumps forward to attack enemies. Chaining this attack will increase the Zantetsuken bar.
  • Rift Slip: Recover after any ability or action.
  • Dancing Steel: Summons a second blade that can unleash several attacks in quick succession.

Final Fantasy 16 gives players several attacks that can help rack up damage and swiftly end any battle. Which God(s) are your favorite? Let us know your favorite combos.

Final Fantasy XVI is available now, exclusively for the PS5.

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