Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth might just have one of the funnest in-game card games I’ve ever played in a video game. After countless card battles, I’ve devised the ultimate guide to “Queen’s Blood” in order to help a novice player become pro in no time!

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Intro to Queen’s Blood

It seems to be a tiresome trend to have card mini-games within open world RPGs these days but Queen’s Blood isn’t your ordinary card game. It requires strategy, skill and little bit of luck in order to come out the victor. In a game packed full of things to do, the Queen’s Blood card game game, in my opinion, sticks out head and shoulders above the rest and quickly became addicted to it for awhile. The game eventually works its way into an entire side mission with it’s own backstory behind the game (which I won’t get into detail with for the sake of spoilers).

Where to Find Opponents

You’ll be introduced to Queen’s Blood in Chapter 2. Once it becomes available, you will be able to locate the available players at that given time/region. There’s a whole ranking system involved that basically has you leveling up through the ranks by beating your opponents.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood, map

You are only able to challenge those who are ranked the same as you or lower. If a player is ranked higher than you, they will be locked until you beat enough opponents to rank up to their level. Once you find a player to challenge in your location, walk up to them and press triangle, then select “yes.”

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

Configuring Your Deck | Card Types

Figuring out which cards you want to have in your deck can make or break your chances to win. You’ll want to find the right mix that suits your play style and will take some trial and error to figure out which cards you like and which you don’t. You’ll earn more cards as you progress through the game so your decks will constantly be changing if you’re keeping them up to date. To access your card decks in the pause menu, select the “Card Decks” option.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood, Menu

This will bring you to the deck selection screen where you can modify and cycle between up to 6 different decks. Each deck will consist of 15 cards. To edit your deck, press “triangle” on this screen.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

This will bring up a full list of all the cards you currently have in your inventory. This is where you will be able to add/remove cards from your specific deck individually.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood, cards

Card Stats/Abilities

In order to know which cards to select for your deck, you’re going to have the know the basics stats and rules that differentiate the cards from one another. So before we get into any in-game tutorials, I think it’s best to first take a look at some card examples and establish some consistent verbiage to use when referencing the various effects the cards have on the game.

Card Rank: Cards are separated into 3 different ranks. The higher the rank, the stronger that card tends to be (However, all ranks are useful to have in this game)

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Card Power: This determines the strength of the card. These will be the points that contribute to the total scores at the end of the game.

Card Ability: Some cards have unique effects. These cards have the ability to enhance, weaken, or even destroy other cards on the board when played.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood, card

Card Moves: This section shows you the spaces this card will capture or effect when played. The blue tiles indicates the card placement. The yellow tiles indicate the spaces this card will be able to capture/rank up. The red tiles indicate where the card’s ability will be effected.

The first example is the Sephiroth card. Let’s go over the stats:

  • Rank 3 Card
  • 4 Power
  • Card captures one nearby empty zone in all 4 directions
  • Card’s ability says this card will destroy any enemy card above or below it when played
FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood, card

The next example is this Haunted Hotel card:

  • Rank 1 Card
  • 1 Power
  • This card captures empty zones both one space above and below where it’s played, and two spots to right as well
  • The spaces highlighted in red will boost allied cards’ power by 2 if your cards are played on those zones (per it’s card ability).

Two examples should be enough to get you going for now. Once you start playing a few games, you’ll get the hang of what each card does and soon you’ll begin to strategize when/where to place them as you learn. Trial by fire baby!!!

How to Play | Game Objective

Alright time to break down some of the fundamentals of the game. First, I’ll go over the basics of the game and then I’ll walk you through some of the important concepts throughout.


The layout of the game board is divided up into 3 rows of 5 columns, so 15 spaces total. Each player starts with 3 potential moves in the left or right column of the game board (for the user, it will always be the left column). Ultimately, you’ll play until the board is full, but that doesn’t mean the match will always end up that way. Sometimes spaces won’t be used if both players no longer can make a move, or replacement cards can be placed to change the outcome of the game once the board has been filled (we will get into this further later in this article).

Main Objective:
The main objective of Queen’s Blood is to obtain more points than the opposing player. Points are determined by the total amount of power each card played possesses. The totals from each row will be added up at the end of the game when both players can no longer make another move, of if each player passes their turn. The winner will be determined by who has the most accumulated points from the 3 rows. It’s an all-or-nothing type scoring system, meaning if I had 7 points in the first row and my opponent had 10 points in the first row, he would receive 10 points and I will get 0 for that row.

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I think the easiest way to get through the major points of the game is to do a brief walk-through of the game, turn by turn. I’ve provided pretty pictures to follow along with since I myself best learn visually:

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

The game starts with 5 random cards pulled from your deck and into your hand. You will be asked to mulligan any/all cards from your hand before starting the game. This is useful to bank any higher ranked cards for future play in the later turns of the game. You don’t have to discard any if you so choose, but any cards you choose to mulligan will be returned to your deck and new cards will be drawn in their place.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

You and your opponent each begin with 3 spaces to place your first card down at. These are notated by the blue and red nodes on the center of the spaces. You will always be the blue nodes and your opponent will always be red. Since there is only one node in each space, we can only start the game by playing a rank 1 card (This is why you may want to mulligan your higher ranked cards at the before starting the game). If for some reason you are unable to make a move anytime throughout the game, you can press “triangle” to pass on your turn to your opponent.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

In the image above you’ll notice I placed my first card down, The Cactuar. This card had a movement of one space to the right and below where the card is placed. This will allow me to “capture” the empty zone to right of the card. That space will be now be available for you to place a card there in a future move (so long as your opponent doesn’t capture it from you first). Also notice the space directly under the Cactuar card now has two blue nodes in it. This means the space has ranked up (due to the card’s movement being on a space that was already yours) and you are now able to place rank 2 cards or lower in that space.

Another thing to point out is that the Cactuar card has an ability that boost a particular place on the board. In this situation, the space effected is the 2nd space in the 3rd row. It was a power boost effect of +3. This means if I place a card on that space, that card’s power will be increased by 3 points.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

A few plays further ahead and I ran into a situation where I was able to finally play a rank 3 card. I was able to rank up the 2nd space in the second row twice (indicated by the 3 blue nodes). This doesn’t necessary mean I have to play a rank 3 card there, though. This means I can essentially play any ranked card there now.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

Replacement Cards:

The above image is a good situation to bring up another type of card, the replacement card. These specific category of cards can only be placed by replace an existing card that’s already been played on the board. These cards are notated by the arrow symbol on the upper-left hand of the card and also can have their own unique effects too.

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In the example above, I was seemingly out of moves as the only 2 remaining empty spaces on the board belonged to my opponent. Luckily, I drew this Yin & Yang card at the right time and was able to replace one of my weaker cards, thus earning more points and keeping the game alive for another potential turn.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

Not only was I able to make another move, but the card was also able to capture the empty space next to it from my opponent, allowing me another chance to place more cards.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

Since there is no longer any empty spaces on the board, and I do not have any more replacement cards in my hand, this would be an instance where I would pass my turn to end the match. In this example, I lost the game 23 to 27. My opponent won the top and bottom rows and I won the middle row (the +10 next to the 13 was from a card effect).

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

However, a game can be finished before all the spaces are used up if it gets that one-sided. In the game from the image above, I was able to beat my opponent 40 to 0 with 2 empty spaces to spare.

Challenge | Scenario Mode

Once you get a hold of the game and up for a challenge, try the Challenge Modes located in various regions of the game. For starters, there’s one in Costa del Sol and one at The Gold Saucer. This is a ‘scenario mode’ version of Queen’s Blood where you’ll be put in various situations with their own unique rules and stipulations that tend to give you a disadvantage. It’s a nice change of pace from the traditional mode and provides you an opportunity to think outside of the box to come out with the win.

FFVII Rebirth, Final, Fantasy, Queen's Blood

So there you have it folks, your all-in-one guide to becoming a pro Queen’s Blood player in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. I hope this serves you well on your journey through the ranks of this massively addicting card game with hopes you’ll fall in love with it just as I have. Now let’s pray Square Enix will one day make this mode online compatible and players from all over the world and have our own Queen’s Blood Tournaments! (I know it won’t happen but just let me dream about it for a bit…)

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