The Final Fantasy franchise has been beloved by gamers for thirty-five years now. That’s right. Thirty-five. Wow. To say it has a loyal fan base would be a drastic understatement. With the newest game, Final Fantasy 16, on the horizon, people are excited. And they should be.

This upcoming game looks to set itself apart from previous Final Fantasy offerings in that it is the first to be a fully-fledged action RPG, rather than turn-based. With gorgeous graphics, “timely accessories” that give you various options in battle, and unique “Eikonic” abilities to give combat even more variation, there will be lots to have fun with. It’s a great game for old-school Final Fantasy fans and new ones, alike, as the story is unique and separate from previous games.

How to pre-order Final Fantasy 16

Clive from final fantasy 16, facing the camera with a flaming arm and a dragon and eagle headed creature

The game is currently exclusive only on PS5, so that will affect where it is available to purchase. Currently, there are a few different versions of Final Fantasy 16 you can pre-order, each with different perks or benefits. You can make your purchase from usual retailers, like Walmart or Best Buy, or go digital straight from the PlayStation Store.

Standard Edition

Game cover of final fantasy 16 plus icons of the Braveheart sword and Cait Sith charm as well as a flaming demonic creature

This edition is great if you just want to check out the game, if you’re new to the franchise and aren’t as invested as some fans, or if you just want to save a few bucks. You can pre-order at the PlayStation store for $69.99 if you want the digital version, or you can order a physical copy from retailers, such as Best Buy or GameStop.

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Depending on where you order, you may get different extras with your physical copy, such as a SteelBook case, or The Realms of Valisthea patches. So shop around and decide what features you prefer. Note, even the digital PS5 version has some bonuses, such as the “Braveheart” weapon the “Scholar’s Spectacles,” or the “Cait Sith Charm.”

Deluxe Edition

Black and white art of a flaming griffin like bird for final fantasy 16

The next tier up is the Deluxe edition, great for those who want something special to collect but still want a decent price. Depending on if you get the digital copy or a physical copy, prices range from $89.99 at the PlayStation store, to $99.99 at retailers like Best Buy, Game Stop, or Target.

If you get a physical copy, you’ll get the base game, along with a different SteelBook case (Clive Rosfield version), plus a cloth world map of Valisthea that would look great in a frame or display. If you get the Digital Deluxe Edition, however, you get a digital mini art book and digital mini soundtrack. It all depends on if you like your bonus features to be tangible or digital.

Collector’s Edition

Box set for final fantasy 16, including figurine and collectible pins

For the super fans out there, the limited quantity Collector’s Edition has a lot to offer, and it had better for the high price of $349.99. Luckily it seems to be stacked with fun stuff, like the base game, a statue of Phoenix vs Ifrit, a metal Eikon pin collection, Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners, and the same cloth map, Clive Rosfield SteelBook Case and in-game bonuses and digital goodies you’ll find in the other editions. It’s exclusively sold by the Square Enix Store, and there is a waiting list as supplies run out fast.

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Whether you decide to pre-order, or not, this game has a lot to offer. It’s beautiful, has a unique combat system, and players can expect Final Fantasy 16 to have a lot of content.

Final Fantasy 16 releases June 22, 2023, on PS5

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