Final Fantasy 16 sees players traveling across the realm of Valisthea as Clive Rosfield. While the game isn’t completely open world, it does feature large areas where players will come across various creatures, collectible items, and new characters. Although the game allows us to quickly travel to different locations using specific waypoints on the map, there’s still a lot of ground to cover in between, especially when walking. Luckily for us, Final Fantasy 16 brings back chocobos — birds that can be mounted and used to travel — in order to make our adventure across Valisthea a little easier. So, keep reading for all of the details on how to ride a chocobo in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Unlock the Chocobo Mount

Final Fantasy 16 Protagonist Clive Rosfield With His Chocobo Ambrosia

You’ll have the opportunity to unlock chocobos during “The Gathering Storm” main quest. After completing the “Release” sub-quest, you’ll be asked to return to The Hideway in order to continue the story. Before you do that, speak to Rowan at Martha’s Rest to begin “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest, which will unlock the chocobo mount. Rowan will tell Clive about a brave bird called Whiteheart, who’s been protecting travelers against bandits with her flock. Since the gang returned to “settle the score” with the birds after saving Rowan, he’ll ask Clive to help the flock get out of trouble.

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Accepting the task will cause a green marker to pop up on the map to help players locate the flock. After defeating the bandits, Clive will realize that Whiteheart is actually his old chocobo named Ambrosia, who we saw at the beginning of the game. When Clive mentions this to Rowan, the trader will suggest Ambrosia return to his master, which will end the sidequest and unlock Ambrosia as a mount.

How to Ride a Chocobo

Final Fantasy 16 Protagonist Clive Rosfield Riding A Chocobo

In order to call Ambrosia, you’ll need to press and hold the R3 button in a large open area to get Clive to whistle her over. Ambrosia will show up and players can then press the X button to mount the bird. Pressing R2 while riding Ambrosia will also get the chocobo to gallop faster, while pressing L2 will make her go slower.

Although “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest isn’t necessary to complete the game, it’s worth doing to unlock the chocobo mount and to see Clive reunite with his trusty old steed.

Final Fantasy 16 is available now on PS5.

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