Players will come across so many beautiful locations over the course of playing Final Fantasy 16. From expansive deserts and lush green pastures to foggy swamps and ancient ruins, the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise is filled with plenty of visually-stunning areas to explore. Thankfully, the game comes with a photo mode feature that allowers players to capture their favorite moments throughout their journey across Valisthea as Clive Rosfield. However, since this cool feature can easily be overlooked if you’re not looking for it, here’s a guide on how to access photo mode in order to guarantee you’ll get that perfect shot.

How to Access Photo Mode

Final Fantasy 16 Attributes Menu, Which Gives Players Access to the Game's Photo Mode

Whether you want to take a picture of the scenery or Clive in the middle of battle, photo mode can be easily accessed by pausing the game. Just press the start button to open up the pause menu. From there, scroll to the attributes tab, where you’ll see a prompt for photo mode at the bottom left side of the screen. Press the touchpad on your controller to open up photo mode.

How to Use Photo Mode

A Picture of Final Fantasy 16 Protagonist Clive Rosfield Taken In Photo Mode

Players can customize their photos either by clicking through the pop-up menu or using their controller. If you use the pop-up menu, then you can adjust your photos using six different settings:

  • Roll: Rotates the camera
  • Field of View: Zooms the camera in or out
  • Clive: Adds or removes Clive from the photo
  • Depth of Field: Blurs the background
  • Focal Distance: Determines whether the camera will focus on the front or the back of the photo
  • Blur: Adjusts blur strength

If you use the controller, then you can adjust your photos using six different buttons:

  • R3: Resets the photo
  • L2: Raises the camera
  • R2: Lowers the camera
  • L: Moves the camera
  • R: Rotates the camera
  • Triangle: Hides UI

When you’re satisfied with your shot, press the triangle button to hide the UI and then click on the create button on your controller to save your photo as a screenshot on your PS5.

Now that you know how to access photo mode, you can take as many pictures as you want in the game!

Final Fantasy 16 is available now on PS5.

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