At the beginning of Final Fantasy 16, Clive and Jill are introduced as childhood friends who care deeply about each other. After the whole ordeal at Phoenix Gate, the two are unfortunately separated for 13 years before they finally reunite as adults. When they see each other again, they are overwhelmed with joy to find out that each other is still alive after all these years.

Following their reunion, Clive and Jill agree to help Cid destroy the mothercrystals in hopes of preventing the Blight from taking over the rest of Valisthea. The pair’s connection gradually grows over the course of the game, and due to their chemistry, you might be wondering, do Clive and Jill get together by the end of Final Fantasy 16? We have the answer for you right here, so keep reading if you don’t mind spoilers.

Do Clive and Jill Get Together?

Final Fantasy 16 Clive and Jill

We’re happy to say that yes, Clive and Jill do get together during the events of Final Fantasy 16. However, it takes a while before they officially become a couple. It’s evident from the beginning of the game that the pair has a deep connection, but since they always put their mission above everything else, they often don’t have time to think about romance. Even when Clive and Jill have a special moment together where it looks as if they’re almost about to kiss, the two pull away before anything happens.

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So, when do they become a couple? Well, following Clive and Jill’s fight with Barnabas, which almost leaves them both dead, the two find themselves stranded and naked on a beach in Waloed as they wait for their clothes to dry. They have an intimate conversation that results in Jill giving her Shiva power to Clive so he can end Barnabas once and for all. Clive and Jill kiss and then the scene transitions into the next morning. They kiss again two more times over the course of the game, and before Clive goes to fight Ultima, he and Jill confess their love for one another.

Do Clive and Jill Stay Together?

Final Fantasy 16 Clive and Jill

While Clive and Jill do become a couple, it’s unclear what happens to them after the Ultima fight since the ending of Final Fantasy 16 is open to interpretation. Some fans believe that Clive dies due to the Crystals’ Curse taking over his body, while others theorize he survives and goes back to Jill and the rest of their friends.

Hopefully, Square Enix releases a DLC for the game that explains more.

Final Fantasy 16 is available now on PS5.

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