As this will be a new weekly series, we should put forward some tidbits about this new series. First, each FIFA 23 Team of the week has 22 players, including a Silver TOTW you can earn in Objectives. For this Prediction and other predictions in the future, I’m going to choose what I think the starting 11 could be. Because if I’m being, I only judge people really care about the main cards.

As a bit of fun, next week and weeks in the future, I’m going to see how many of my predictions were correct and laugh at my stupidity… probably. Who I choose, the ratings, and the stats are predictions, so they could be completely different or not appear at all. So be cautious and do not take this article as a complete fact. Of course, if you’d like to post your predictions in the comments below, that’d be awesome!

Cristiano Ronaldo – Al Nassr – 92 Rated:

It cannot be undervalued how massive his impact at Al Nassr has been so far— already scoring five goals in 4 games for the team. With 4 four of those being in his most recent victory against Al Wehda.

Apart from a few other cards in this article, I’m pretty positive that CR7 will be featured this week. We’ve yet to receive an Al Nassr Ronaldo card, and I don’t think EA will pass on the opportunity to include him in a FIFA 23 Team of the Week. 

Riyad Mahrez – Manchester City – 89 Rated:

An absolute masterclass by Mahrez when City really needed a win to narrow the gap at the top, scoring a goal and assisting one.

One of the most underappreciated players playing for City at the moment, and in all honesty, one of my favorite players to watch. I’m starting to get a little worried about Arsenal now… The gap is slowly decreasing at the top, and that game on Wednesday against City is becoming increasingly important.

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Wissam Ben Yedder – Monaco – 88 Rated:

In one of the biggest games this week, Monaco shocked PSG with an unbelievable performance at the Saint Louis II stadium, which was mantled by this Magician, who scored two goals and assisted one.

Again one that I’m pretty sure about. As much hate he gets as an annoyance on FIFA 23, the guy is such a baller in real life and is one of the primary reasons Monaco has been such a successful team this year in Ligue 1. Because of his recent form and how close the gap at the top of Ligue 1 is becoming between Lens, Monaco, and PSG, I expect him to appear more in predictions in the future. To many FUT players’ behest…

Theo Hernandez – AC Milan – 88 Rated:

The Frenchman is always in the conversation when talking about the best Full Back in the world, and this performance didn’t disappoint. The assisted cross itself to Giroud deserved an in-form. Hernandez ended the game with an Assist and a Clean Sheet. 

Milan have struggled this year regarding the league, and if they want to keep their hope of being in Europe, they have to keep winning games… which is easier said than done. I feel bad for Theo as he deserves a lot better, being in such a weird mix of young and old within the club. A player to watch when it comes to transfers in the Summer.

Nico Schlotterbeck – Borussia Dortmund – 88 Rated:

My biggest reach for FIFA 23 this week. Not many big performances by Centre Backs this week, but it must be mentioned as it was an assist from a center back in the opposition box in open play.

Dortmund made it six wins in a row in the Bundesliga and are flying now. They are always a fun team to watch, and Nico has shown himself to become one of the better German league defenders this year.

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James Maddison – Leicester City – 87 Rated:

As a Forest fan, this pains me to say, but Leicester have missed this man. They look like a completely different team with him back. I’m pretty confident now that Leicester will more than likely stay up with him around. There was a massive win for the team, with Maddison scoring once and assisting one.

I hate praising Leicester, but it has to be done; they were excellent in this game. Coming back from 1-0 down against Spurs is no easy feat, and they didn’t just beat them; they dominated them.

Ellyes Skhiri – Koln –  86 Rated:

I won’t lie; before the World Cup, I actually had never heard of Skhiri, and now with how he’s been playing, I really do regret it. First, an Unbelievable performance against Frankfurt, scoring twice and getting a clean sheet.

Koln have been quietly one of the better teams form-wise in Germany, getting draws against Bayern and Leipzig recently. Fully expect Skhiri to be one of the players to be moved to a more prominent name in the summer, which is, of course, a shame for Koln. Albeit, it should be fun in form and in FIFA 23!

Jesper Karlsson – Alkmaar –  86 Rated:

To Jesper’s standards, he’s had a relatively quiet season for Alkmaar in the Netherlands, but gosh, he turned up against struggling Excelsior and scoring once and assisting two.

Not going to lie, but I’m pretty sure Jesper had a bunch of Special cards last year. Primarily POTM cards! But It’s nice to see him show his talents, as he struggled compared to his fantastic season last year. Hopefully, he can pick up some form and have a good end of 2023.

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Marcos Senesi – Bournemouth – 84 Rated:

Quite an impressive game from Bournemouth, stopping Newcastle to a draw, with Marcos scoring the crucial goal to get the point.

When I heard Senesi was coming to the Premier League, I was highly excited, as his time at Feyenoord was awe-inspiring. But, unfortunately, that form hasn’t really melded with his time at Bournemouth, playing with quite a mediocre team. As fun as some of the players who play for Bournemouth are, they are still my favorites to be relegated this year.

Nathan Tella – Burnley – 80 Rated:

Recently this kid has been on an absolute tear. He not only scored 12 goals this year but scored 5 in 2 games, which is mental. From what I could find, this was his first senior hat trick for a team, so I had to shout out to him. 

What has really surprised me about Burnley this year has been how good they’ve been at scoring goals. According to my research, they scored the most goals in the English Football League, which is mental. An exciting young team led by Vincent Kompany.

Christian Walton – Ipswich – 75 Rated:

Yeah, I think you can tell I’ve struggled to pick a Goalkeeper. I’ve given this to Walton primarily because he saved a penalty; that is it.

Ipswich have been pretty bad the past few games, which is surprising as I thought they would be a team that would be a shoe-in for promotion. It was a big draw for them on Saturday to hopefully try and come close to those automatic promotion places.

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