The Walking Dead is undeniably one of the biggest TV series ever produced, and its success has led to the creation of various expansion series. One of the most notable of these is Fear The Walking Dead, which has reached eight seasons. In fact the show is returning with there final episodes on October 22nd, 2023. While Fear The Walking Dead has had some memorable moments, it has also faced some low points. The series has at times been entangled in issues and moments that AMC might prefer for you to forget. Let’s delve into the 10 things AMC would rather you forget about Fear The Walking Dead.

10. Frank Dillane’s Requesting his Release from the Show

Let’s quickly address an obvious one. If you don’t know, Frank Dillane is the actor who played Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. Nick was one of the main characters of the show and had been part of it since Season 1. He was an important character, being the eldest child of Madison and the brother of Alicia. Nick’s struggle with addiction was a central element of the show, and many fans were intrigued to see how his story would develop.

However, Nick was suddenly killed in Season 4 of the show while trying to chase Charlie, a character he had taken a liking to. Charlie shot him, as she was part of the Vultures group that was stealing supplies from the community he was in. His death came out of nowhere and left fans upset, as it felt rushed and didn’t make much sense.

It turns out that it was rushed because Frank Dillane had requested to leave the show. Dillane cited a combination of reasons, including feeling homesick and the rigorous schedule. One notable reason was Dillane’s disapproval of the creative direction of the show and the changes made with the new showrunners. It was telling that AMC had no value in Nick too future wise as they decided to immediately kill him. AMC would prefer you not dwell on the topic of why Dillane wanted to leave and the role they played in his departure.

9. That Stupid Anti-Freeze Cure

In Season 4, Episode 16 of Fear the Walking Dead, a character named Martha, who was the “villain” at this point in the show (Oh, we will get to her, don’t worry), poisons the water supply and decides to put antifreeze in it for some… reason. I am still lost as to why she did it. So, June realizes that the best way to cure themselves of the poisoning is by drinking ethanol, which is in beer.

Now, alcohol can cure antifreeze poisoning, but here’s the problem: you need hard liquor like vodka and whiskey to even have a chance at curing the poisoning, as they have a lot more ethanol. The characters are drinking beer, which has around 4% ethanol, nowhere near the amount that hard liquor has. So, they would not cure themselves of the poison.

Here is the dumbest part of the entire thing: the characters are drinking the beer slowly and joking around about this situation. No worry about dying, no nervousness about whether this will 100% work, and the best part is that apparently, one beer is all that is needed to be cured. Which is not true, as real-life stories have had people forced to drink alcohol like whiskey once every hour for the whole day.

This was so stupid that I legitimately lost brain cells watching this. AMC would like you to forget how unrealistic this whole situation is.

8. The Beer Balloon Scene

More heinous beer bollocks that came from Fear The Walking Dead. On Season 5, Episode 6 of the show both Strand and Charlie had to escape there situation with the propellers that they need for the helicopter. So what they did was at Jim’s Brewery well an air balloon of course. Not just any hot air balloon, but one shaped as a stupid giant beer bottle. Also a pretty low budget one too as the scene was super cheesy when it aired. At the end of course, both Strand and Charlie crash in the danger “radiation” zone, with no injuries whatsoever. Just look at both videos below.

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Just think, somebody wrote this in a zombie apocalypse TV Series and thought this is a brilliant idea. It was super embarrassing and a ton of the fans did not like that scene either. With how nonsensical and stupid this entire scene is, it is absolutely not going to go into AMC’s highlights package in Fear The Walking Dead.

7. Inconsistencies with Radiation along with the Nuke Drop

Ah, radiation in a zombie apocalypse. I’m honestly shocked that it took AMC this long to introduce radiation in The Walking Dead universe. AMC did introduce it in Fear the Walking Dead, and there are several inconsistencies with it. The first issue is when the show introduced radiation-infected zombies and claimed they were dangerous and killed immediately. Well, as it turns out, that’s not the case, as many characters in the show kill the radiation zombies and even get zombie blood, full of radiation, in their mouths.

The biggest inconsistency is when the writers decided to have the character Teddy drop a nuke in Season 6. When a nuke is dropped and if you stare at it with no protection, you should get blinded. In the show, many characters stare right at it, and nobody gets blinded at all.

The funny part is that Morgan is the closest to the nuke’s drop site, yet he hides underneath a car and somehow sustains little to no damage. The shockwave from a nuke would almost immediately send that truck flying into the air, along with anyone underneath it. Meanwhile, Dakota, who is much further away from the blast, gets instantly vaporized. Do the writers even consider whether the things they’re writing make logical sense, or are they simply too lazy to care?

Then again they could care less regarding how inconsistent Radiation as a whole is in this series. In fact nobody has protection in season 7 in the aftermath on the nuke dropping a few weeks/months later. Anyways AMC wants you to please forget how radiation truly works and the high level of inconsistency that it is in this series.

6. Botching the Flight 462 Story

This still angers me to this very day because this story had so much potential. If you recall, around season 2 of the show, there were weekly webisodes produced regarding the Zombie Apocalypse happening on an airplane mid-flight. It was incredibly engaging, and it appeared that the two characters, Jake and Alex, were poised to become part of the season 2 squad. However, they were only featured in two episodes and barely contributed to the storyline.

In the story, Alex survives the crash, but Jake sustains severe injuries. Despite helping the main group escape a horde of zombies and reaching the boat, Strand inexplicably does not trust them (for some reason) and refuses to let them on board. Instead, he tows their raft behind Abigail, providing them with some fresh water and supplies. Then, in the middle of the sunset, Strand decides to cut the rope attaching the raft, leaving Alex and Jake stranded in the middle of the ocean. The show never explains why he made this decision.

Jake’s death occurs off-screen, which reflects the writers’ lack of care for the character. Alex reappears in the next episode on Connor’s ship and inexplicably vents her frustration at Travis, even though he had no involvement in her being cut away from the ship. After that, she disappears from the entire show entirely.

This was a tremendous disappointment, given the hype surrounding the webisode series, and the writers severely mishandled the story in Fear The Walking Dead. Since they also abandoned plans for Alex to return to the show, it is in their best interest to make viewers forget about how they mishandled this story and wasted the opportunity presented by the webisode series.

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5. The Lawsuit with Mel Smith

Mel Smith is the content creator of Dead Ahead, and he decided to file a lawsuit against AMC Studios for stealing thematic elements from his comic books and using it in Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. the main argument was with a group of survivors attempting to flee a zombie apocalypse by a boat, which copied the way that the Dead Ahead comic had it.

It also had David Alpert in the lawsuit who was actually Smith’s agent and eventually became of of Fear’s top executive producers. Which kind of created a problem which helped Smith in the lawsuit. It was pretty telling too that AMC tried to get this lawsuit dismissed and multiple judges rejected this. AMC had to eventually settle this case, but it really did not paint them in a good light and it is for the best AMC wants you to forget about there names being involved.

4. The Ratings Plunge

A lot of people keep stressing the issue with the main Walking Dead show having bad ratings, and they have valid points. However, when you compare the main show’s ratings decline to Fear The Walking Dead, they will easily reconsider those rating criticisms of the main show. Fear The Walking Dead, which started with 10 million viewers, saw a significant decline in ratings. The average ratings for each season just got worse and worse. In Season 1, it had 7.61 million viewers, Season 2 had 4.19 million, Season 3 had 2.36 million, Season 4 had 2.27 million, Season 5 had 1.51 million, Season 6 had 1.18 million, and Season 7 had 0.82 million viewers.

Ratings were so low that there were episodes that only had a 0.46 view rating, a stark contrast from the 10 million viewers AMC had in season 1. AMC would like you to divert attention from these numbers and focus on the number of seasons they have produced with the show.

3. Sam Underwood’s Arrest for Domestic Battery

This just recently happened, but it is super bad timing. If you don’t know Sam Underwood is an actor that played the role of Jake Otto in Season 3 of the Walking Dead. Underwood was arrested due to a domestic battery as he got into an argument with a women. The women had visible bruise marks on her body and Underwood was taken into custody.

This is terrible news for multiple parties. In the case of AMC and Fear the Walking Dead there are 2 problematic thing here. First was the bad press the show got as almost every news article has the Show’s name in the title. Second is that that Sam Underwood’s character Jake Otto was rumored to be a cameo in the Final Season of the Walking Dead, with his brother Troy’s return to the final season. If things keep developing its likely that Fear The Walking Dead is going to scrub his involvement in the final season of the show.

Now, Sam has allegedly provided his attorney with photographs, video recordings, and audio recordings, but it is still not confirmed what has happened since. Time will tell if Underwood is innocent here, however with the new season about to begin this news brought bad publicity with Fear The Walking Dead’s name being attached to this news, which they did not need. It is something AMC wants you to not pay attention to heading into the new season.

2. Martha the Worst Villain in Walking Dead History

If you were to tell me the worst villain in the Walking Dead Series, that would be a simple answer, Martha from Fear The Walking Dead.

She is the least scariest villain ever, her motivations legit make zero sense whatsoever, and her plan poisoning the characters, along with what she wants Morgan to do makes no sense whatsoever. I put it up there with Lex Luthor’s plan in Batman v Superman, its that bad.

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Lets talk about her plan.

Martha decided helping others was a sign of weakness after nobody helped her when her husband passed. So, what she decides to do is that anybody trying to help other survivors should die at her hand. Wait, What? How in the world does that make any sense whatsoever? So, in the season she targets the Polar Bear (Clayton) and all the truckers delivering supplies. Then use those zombified forms to kill others in his group, with a freaking stick guiding them. Yes, she carried walkers on a wooden stick, which is the most ridiculous thing that I have seen in this series, killing people sneakily which is utterly impossible to do.

Martha even decides to exact revenge and do the same thing going after people helping others by Morgan and his group and eventually poisons them using antifreeze.

The Thing that they really botched was her death. So,Martha gets shot by Wendell, who eventually refuses to get treatment for it. After she reveals that she got bitten by a walker. Morgan refuses to kill her and decides to handcuff her to a car and hobbles away. When Morgan returns, obviously Martha has turned and is now a walker. She noticeably lost her arm as it is clear she cut her arm off and roaming around, Morgan then finds and kills her. Hold up, how the hell did she cut her arm off, when she had no weapons on her when Morgan left her handcuffed at the car?

There were moments when I felt sorry for actress Tonya Pinkins, who did her best to make this character work. However, the writing for her character and the entire storyline was absolutely terrible, and it was universally despised by every Walking Dead fan. Season 4 was a complete mess for Fear The Walking Dead, and one of its lowest points was this terrible villain. AMC would certainly prefer it if you could forget how awful Martha was.

1. It’s a miracle that the show lasted as long as it did.

When you tie up everything and look at how they managed to get to this point at having 8 seasons. It is a real miracle that this show lasted as long as it did. The amount of actors that requested out, killing all the main characters way too early, the ratings drop, the producers changing, the stupid writing, and the dumb visuals. It is super surprising that this show did not get cancelled a lot sooner. They were lucky that the actors from the main show were willing to join this show as if they were not willing to, this show would have been long over. While they did get to 8 seasons of the show it is for the best that AMC likes you to forget that so many things made it complicated for the show to keep on going.

So that is my list of the things AMC wants you to forget about Fear the Walking Dead. Do you agree? Let me know in the comment section regarding what you think of my list and what other things that AMC would like you to forget about the show. Don’t for get to like the article as well.

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