What’s Happening Now

Back on February 4th, 2024, X (formerly Known as Twitter) was going on a frenzy with the latest Xbox Rumors. What could this mean for the platform and what it could potentially mean for the future of Xbox. Keep in mind, these are rumors, so please take all of these information with a grain of salt.

The Beginning

Back in January 18th, 2024, an article published by The Verge, talked about the current rumors of bringing Xbox games to different platforms. This strategy was first talked about at the Wells Fargo Summit back in late November. This summit included Chief Phil Spencer and Xbox’s CFO Tim Stuart just to name a few.

There were talks about bringing the infamous Xbox Game Pass to other consoles like Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. But those ideas were shot down by Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

However, Spencer’s didn’t shut the ideas of “our first-party experiences” to different consoles. This comes after the successes of Microsoft acquiring Activision/Blizzard to be part of the Xbox family.

What Was Found

On February 1st, 2024, on a thread was posted on the Reddit forum r/GamingLeaksAndRumors and r/HiFiRush about the 1 year anniversary of Hi-Fi rush, it was found that Chai, the main character, will be able to acquire different outfits through data mining.

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The original posted on the HiFiRush reddit was deleted. However, X user @Wario64 reposted the image of the data mined outfits. These are heavily speculated the they’re porting to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. These are the designs below.

It could be implied that the “I’m Here Baby!” or the pixel one is for PlayStation, the “Shadow Dropped” for Xbox and “Rock Out! Anywhere” is for Nintendo Switch.

What Other Games Are Going Multi-Platform?

Other than the data mine of Hi-Fi Rush, there are also talks of first party exclusives like Sea of Thieves, Starfield, the Gears of War franchise and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

But this is just a rumor until it’s official announcement. We may see more games go on PlayStation and Switch. However, this isn’t the first time games went multi-platform. Games like Ori and the Blind Forest was originally launched on Xbox and Windows. But later ported to Nintendo Switch. As well as PlayStation’s MLB was ported to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. So this isn’t anything new we haven’t seen.

What the Fans are Saying.

Among my research on both Reddit and X, the reaction has been split amongst the community. The sides that I’ve seen are that one side is all for having more games across the Multiplatform generation. They can get business from other platforms as well.

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The other side claims that Xbox is wrong for doing this. Some say that it’s good to have exclusives on their respective consoles to make it “their selling point”. Some users believe that Xbox will become a third party developer.

What Happens Now?

Whilst the storm was raging on X for about a day after the leaks become more and more out there. Phil Spencer posted:

Within the following days to come, we are eager to see what the future of Xbox is for consumers and gamers everywhere.

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