Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero is a successor to the beloved Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi games.

Another entry into the Dragon Ball video game franchise is coming this fall. Details about the game are being released periodically so here is everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero.


Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will feature a wide variety of characters from the prior movies, manga and animated shows. On launch day there will be up to 164 characters available additionally, this includes transformations. Most of the day 1 characters will be based on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. Comparatively, older titles never had DLC release, this will be a first for the series.

Characters will also feature real time damage effect during battle like Goku’s clothes being ripped apart. You will also be able to choose battle worn looks before the match begins.


Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is the latest installment in the Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi series. Full 3D combat with living destructible environments. Fast paced ground and air combat with special combos, finishers and dialogue. Based on gameplay that has been released, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will have signature ki blast battles.

Although we do not know an official number of stages for the day 1 launch, we do have a confirmed 35 stages based on available information today. This will include the World Martial Arts Tournament stage, Planet Namek, Kami’s lookout and more.


Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will retell the events of the entire series to this point. This includes the events of Dragon Ball Super’s animated series, however, it is unclear of the events if the manga will also be added. Additionally, one of the new twists is that you will be able to change the events of the story. What if Goku went alone to fight Raditz is an example of this new freedom.

Pre Order Bundles

Presently there are 4 different pre-order options available.

  • Standard edition: Base Game ($69.99)
  • Deluxe edition: Base Game, Season Pass & Bonus, 3 Days Early Access, 6 characters early unlock ($99.99)
  • Ultimate edition: Base Game, Season Pass, 3 Days Early Access, Ultimate Upgrade Pack 6 6 character early unlock, and Bonus ($109.99)
  • Premium Collectors Edition: Base Game, Season Pass, Ultimate Upgrade & Bonus Pack, Steel Book, 6 characters early unlock, Official TCG Trading Cards, Metallic Bookmark, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Exclusive Diorama (No early access in this edition) $199.00


Lastly, Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero will be available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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