The Star Wars saga has introduced many iconic characters such as Dexter Jettster, Babu Frik, Glup Shitto, and many others that excite fans. With a recent episode of The Bad Batch, another iconic character has returned after a long time, Asajj Ventress. While many were excited to see her again, to others she was a new face. Asajj is a recurring assassin throughout both the canon and Legends of Star Wars. Here is a guide to the history and character of Asajj Ventress.

Who is Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress is a Dathomirian Dark Side assassin most known for her role in the Clone Wars. Originally a Jedi Padawan, after the death of her original master, fellow fallen Jedi, Count Dooku took her under his wing. Fans remember Ventress as one of the most prominent dual-wielders in the Star Wars universe. Additionally, her lore is closely tied to the magical Nightsisters, who recently made their live-action debut in 2023’s Ahsoka. In her 2003 animated appearance, legendary voice actress Grey Griffin voiced her. Since 2008, however, Nika Futterman provided her voice.

The Origins and Story of Asajj Ventress

Ventress made her onscreen debut in the original 2003 Clone Wars animated series directed by legend Genndy Tartakovsky. In it, she took on the role of an assassin sent by Dooku to kill Anakin. The two had a duel on Yavin IV itself before Ventress seemingly fell to her death. Since then, she returned and appeared in various books, games, and TV shows. She later returned for the next The Clone Wars cartoon, and survived Kathleen Kennedy’s reboot. In it, she maintained her role before Dooku betrayed her halfway through the series. She then returns to the Nightsisters, goes on a spiritual journey, and goes off on her own way.

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The Original Fate of Asajj Ventress

Despite being such a big character, her original fate was not so grandiose. Her arc originally ended in the 2015 novel Dark Disciple by Christine Golden. Within, she had a romance with Quinlan Vos, a character she never interacted with before. Vos was on a mission to assassinate Dooku, and the two confront him. In the end, Ventress sacrifices herself to save Vos, who returns her body to her homeworld of Dathomir. As such, this led to Dark Disciple being a decidedly divisive book.

Finally Returning

Both Dark Disciple and her last onscreen appearence were roughly a decade ago. However… somehow Ventress returned. With a recent episode of The Bad Batch, it seems that her original fate has been overturned. It’s currently unknown how she survived Dark Disciple, or if this will be a loophole or outright retcon. As with the Ahsoka novel a while back, another animated series has changed the story. Furthermore, executives confirmed that The Bad Batch is only the beginning, and she will return in “future content.” With the expansion of the Star Wars galaxy, hopefully she will return to glory.

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