Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets’ upcoming game Amsterdam 1666 is set to possibly be a great game that will be a spiritual successor to Assassin’s Creed 2. In April 2016, we saw the first glimpse of the game in a leaked gameplay video, but we have had almost no new information on the game since. This article will explain everything you need to know about the game. Although the game was shown during a conference many years ago, there’s still a lot of hope that the game will be released soon. There are a multitude of things, including financing, that need to happen behind the scenes.


Amsterdam 1666 will most likely utilize the engine of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey to craft a great parkour system, which is The Unreal Engine. In the leaked gameplay, we also saw that the protagonist shot something from his staff, which was similar to the hidden gun Ezio used in Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations. Additionally, in the leaked footage, we could control a crow, a black cat, and a rat. The protagonist does not transform into these animals at will; instead, the playable character is looking in from the outside as they do their bidding.

If we check Ancestors, we see that Amsterdam 1666 can take inspiration from that. Ancestors had very good parkour, and they did an amazing job at keeping a sense of verticality. Amsterdam did have a lot of verticality during that time, but the creators also want to retain a lot of historical accuracy where possible. But we can expect them to take some liberties when it comes to the story, characters, and locations. Speaking of The studio, the studio has around 50 people, and they are constantly growing.

Having control over different animals is interesting because it offers players a unique way of exploring the game world. Having a game that delves deep into the idea of the Devil, where it stems from, and how it can control someone’s life and way of thinking is quite interesting. They also want to add a healthy dose of mystery, which seems to go hand in hand with the explorative nature of the game.

We do expect to see some of the Assassin’s Creed gameplay in the form of verticality, going up and down the city streets. Maybe even some RPG elements can arise in the game. There’s not a lot of detail when it comes to the main story aside from what we shared in this article, but we do expect them to add a lot of unique ideas while bringing in a great mixture of features and keeping things very immersive.

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The Setting

The city of Amsterdam was known as ‘The Venice of the North,’ which means fans of the city design in Assassin’s Creed 2 will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Amsterdam was one of the world’s greatest designed and politically important cities; it was known as the central economic hub for the entire Western world during the seventh century. Taking all this into consideration, this means that the city will be one of the most ambitious settings in video game history.

We don’t know if Amsterdam 1666 would feature only Amsterdam or if they add the neighboring regions too, but there’s a lot of excitement regarding the idea of visiting such a stunning historical setting with a vast location for everyone to explore and enjoy.

The Protagonist

Desilets stated in an interview with VG247 in 2019 that the protagonist was initially supposed to be the Devil’s apprentice. However, these plans might be the first draft, as Desilets stated that the team would have to restart the story from scratch.

In the leaked footage, we saw that the protagonist had allies that assisted them. A woman gave some kind of potion (possibly poison) to the playable character. The main character looked angry at seeing a woman hurt by a mob of thugs. Women aiding the Devil would fit into the time period as in 1692 in America, an event called The Salem Witch Trials occurred.

The convicted in this event numbered around 200 people, many of whom were women. Many women were prosecuted because they did not want to stay within the cultural norms of being obedient to their husbands, which resulted in many of those women being accused of working with the Devil.

The Story

Desilets stated in an interview with Eurogamer that Amsterdam 1666 would be a horror story. What’s interesting is that according to him, he is not a huge fan of horror, but he likes this time period, and the idea of covering a history related to the Devil is something unique, and no one ever tried to do it at this magnitude.

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Although there’s not a lot of info regarding the main story and what can happen, what we know is that Amsterdam 1666 will take elements from Assassin’s Creed and other titles while also bringing a unique set of ideas into the mix. The game might also bring us to different time periods briefly, according to some speculation that appeared once people saw the concept art. It’s a vibrant time, and with an ever-changing story, we might see a very distinctive horror game with spiritual and cognitive elements.

Why Is 666 So Significant?

This number was supposed to be considered the number of the Devil or the Antichrist by Christian scholars. It is possible in this game that the Year of the Beast will feature the protagonist taking on this role, although this is mostly speculation. While there will be a shift from the horror aspect, the latest interviews about the game clearly suggest the focus is still on that particular element.

The Time Period

In the year 1666, many important events took place. The Great Fire of London destroyed around one-third of London, resulting in the city being designed differently with less narrow streets, which became difficult for people to do parkour in the city. Isaac Newton discovered gravity, and the English-Dutch war was occurring. The Dutch Republic was at its height of power. The protagonist will most likely influence these events in some way. Either that, or we will see how the world is affected by them and how our characters can use them to their advantage. We might even see that the Devil ended up influencing these situations in the first place.

A New Series To Rival Ubisoft Titles

PCGamesn published an article named ‘1666 was meant to be “the new Assassin’s Creed,” claims the series’ creator Patrice Desilets’ written by Julian Benson in 2013. Desilets stated that Amsterdam 1666 will be used “to create a new IP.” Since Amsterdam is going to be the first setting for the 1666 franchise, London might be the second game.

It might function as Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood did, as Rome was a shadow of its former self with many burnt and destroyed buildings in the game. London 1666 might explore the aftermath of the fire, and we might help in rebuilding the city just as Ezio did in Brotherhood.

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There are other future possible settings such as Lisbon, the capital of the Portugal empire, was a beautiful city before the 1755 earthquake destroyed the city and broke its power. We might even go into America during The Salem Witch Trials and see Colonial America as Desilets always wanted to make his own Assassin’s Creed game in Colonial America.

The open-world AC element is at home within Amsterdam 1666, and we can expect a large variety of gameplay mechanics similar to the Ancestors game as well. Amsterdam 1666 is highly innovative and it wants to explore a setting that no game ever tried. Even if the game was meant to be the latest Assassin’s Creed at some point, Desilets believes that it needs to be a universe of its own. And as we said, it has a lot of potential to become a series of games, provided that Amsterdam 1666 is received well by the public.

Release Date

We don’t have a release date for Amsterdam 1666 yet. We know that the team at Panache Studios is working on a new major project, which might very well be this game. Ongoing work has been done on the game for a decade at this point, but we can expect the wheels to be turning and the company to slowly bring in more and more focus on this project soon!

Amsterdam 1666 is looking to be a game that might rival the Assassin’s Creed series. What do you think of this upcoming game? Are you excited about it, or are you skeptical about the game? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. There’s definitely a lot of hype surrounding this game, and we hope it will live up to it since the setting, story, and unique implications make it an exciting adventure we don’t want to miss!

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