The Fable series, developed by the now defunct Lion Head Studio, is regarded as some of Xbox’s best RPGs for their witty British humor and the series’ use of a morality system. Although the studio closed in 2016, the series is looking for a comeback, now developed by Forza developers Playground Games. Here are things you may have missed in the most recent Fable trailer, which was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase in July.

Potential Returning Voice Cast and Character

The Fable series is known for having well-known British celebrities voice-acting. While most of the cast is under wraps, British comedian Richard Ayoade is voicing Dave, the “Vegetable Enthusiast.” Although not featured in the trailer, Stephen Fry, known for playing Reaver in Fable 2 and 3, appears to be returning as the villain, according to the game’s IMBD page.

Returning Monsters

Fable is known for its various mythical creatures, while many are currently unconfirmed for the reboot, the trailer briefly shows the werewolf-like creatures known as Balverines. As this is just the first trailer, time will tell if other creatures from Albion, such as the Hobbes, will be in the series reboot.

Hints Towards Gameplay

Most of the trailer was mostly CGI cutscenes, there are however a couple of short snippets of gameplay mixed in, an unnamed main character fighting off a group of bandits using fireball spells and escaping the clutches of David, who happens to be a giant.

Kicking Chickens

Although not shown through direct gameplay, the trailer suggests that the series’ inside joke about kicking chickens might return, as the main character (or at least the female counterpart) punts one. There might be either, an achievement for kicking a chicken or a chicken suit reward.

References to Real-World Fables and Fairy Tales.

While previous Fable games have had quests related to well-known stories such as the Arthurian legend “The Sword in the Stone.” The trailer for the upcoming reboot pays homage to the fairy tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Hopefully, the Fable reboot leans more into referencing other well-known fairy tales. For example, The Brothers Grim fairy tales could mesh well with the series’ dark humor.

Fable Trailer

Fable will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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