Sony held a State of Play presentation on May 30th as a precursor to Geoff Keighly’s Summer Game Fest, beginning on June 7th. Typically, these events are smaller in scope in comparison to a Playstation Showcase, which at this point in the year is unlikely as an admission by the company on page seven of their 3rd quarter earnings report, stating, “While major projects are currently under development, we do not plan on to release any new major existing franchise titles next fiscal year like God of War: Ragnarok and Marvel’s Spider-Man.”

Nevertheless, the most recent State of Play had noteworthy announcements. Here is a recap of the show.


Firewalk Studios has revealed its first project since being acquired by Sony in 2023, a PvP Hero Shooter Concord. The trailer gave off heavy Guardians of the Galaxy-esque vibes, while the developers revealed that much of the game’s lore will be disclosed weekly through “vignettes.” Concord will have a beta later this July before its official release on PS5 and PC on August 23rd.

God of War Ragnarok PC Release

God of War Ragnarok Kratos Atreus

God of War: Ragnarok from Sony Santa Monica Studios will be heading to Steam on September 19th, 2024, in partnership with Jettpack Interactive. The PC port will include the Valhalla DLC and additions expected with PC ports, including unlocked framerates, NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 and AMD/ Intel’s equivalent, and support for ultrawide monitors.

Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Omega Force is rebooting the Dynasty Warriors franchise after the 9th installment in the long-running Muso franchise failed to meet players’ expectations, averaging a 65 on Metacritic. While light on details, the upcoming reboot will feature a new, nameless protagonist, straying away from the sizable roster of 100+ playable characters from the previous games. Dynasty Warriors: Origins will be released sometime in 2025 for the PS5.

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Infinity Nikki

The Nikki franchise is a series of Gacha dress-up games that have only been on mobile up to this point. Infinity Nikki will be the first in the series to hit consoles and feature platforming and combat in an open-world setting. Reminiscent of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, Kentaro Tominaga, an ex-developer of the Legend of Zelda franchise, is on the development team for the game. Infinity Nikki does not have a set release window, but there is a way to sign up for future beta tests through the official website.

Ballad of Antara

A Free to Play Action-RPG from Tipswork Studio and published by Infold Games, Ballad of Antara is primarily a single player but has an option to play with up to three others. Ballad of Antara will have a beta test before its 2025 release window. 

Skydance’s Behemoth

Skydance Studio, helmed by Uncharted 2 developer Amy Henning, will release Behemoth, an RPG for the PSVR2. Behemoth was unveiled in 2022 but has had a few delays since. However, it will be released sometime in the fall of 2024.  

Alien Rogue Incursion

Sticking with the PSVR 2, 20th Century Fox’s sci-fi horror franchise, Aliens has seen its ups and downs through its long history in the video game sphere, with the last game, Alien Dark Descent gaining high praise. Alien Rogue Incursion will be the movie franchise’s second foray onto VR platforms and is being developed by Survivos. Alien Rogue Incursion will be available on PSVR2, Holiday 2024.

Marvel Rivals

Concord is not the only PVP Hero Shooter shown off during the State of Play. Netease’s Marvel Rivals revealed another gameplay trailer, showing off new characters: Magneto, Venom, and Adam Warlock. While there is no official release date yet, there will be a closed Beta in July for PS5 players.

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Where Winds Meet

Chinese studio Everstone Studio announced their first game, Where Winds Meet, with a cinematic trailer during Gamescom 2022. The Wuxia Open-world, Action-Adventure RPG set in the “Five Dynasties, Ten Kingdoms” period in Ancient China has shown off gameplay during the State of play, showing off its fast-paced action combat. According to the accompanying Playstation Blog post, Players will take control of a singular protagonist capable of using “superhuman martial arts feats.” Where Winds Meet, will be available on PS5 sometime in the future.  

Until Dawn Remaster

Sony is not shy to remaster games that are barely a console generation old, as demonstrated last year with The Last of Us II Remastered. Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn released on the PS4 in 2015, will be getting a PS5 and PC graphical upgrade later this year with the help of PC porting studio, Ballistic Moon.

Path of Exile II

Grind Gear Games’ highly anticipated sequel to their free-to-play ARPG, Path of Exile will include cross-play and couch co-op. One thing to note is that unlike its predecessor, Path of Exile 2 will require a PS+ subscription to access the new online features.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Bloober Team is behind the highly anticipated remake of the PS2 psychological horror classic, Silent Hill 2, first released in 2001. Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released on October 5th for PS5.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster hunters riding across a field.

The next installment in the Monster Hunter series was announced at last year’s Game Awards, and while the latest PlayStation State of Play did not give us a release date beyond the 2025 placeholder we already knew, the new trailer did show off a new mount, and some new monsters.

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Team Asobi is hard at work on a third Astrobot game after the popularity of the PS5 pack in introduction to the console, Astro’s Playroom. Studio Director Nicholas Doucet assured fans of the series that  Astrobot will be bigger and better.

Astrobot dressed like Nathan Drake

“In this brand-new game, you will explore 6 galaxies and over 80 levels in search of Astro’s scattered crew. Hold on tight to your Dual Speeder and dive down to each unique planet, from lush forests, sandy beaches, hot volcanoes to more surprising locations such as a gigantic hourglass or the canopy of a singing tree!”

Much like Astro’s Playroom, Astrobot will be heavy on the easter eggs, celebrating the 30-year history of the PlayStation brand. The trailer showcases many adorable bots dressed up as iconic characters, such as Spike from Ape Escape and Kratos from God of War.

That’s a wrap on everything announced during the PlayStation State of Play. With Sony stating that there will not be any first-party announcements until the next quarter of the fiscal year, that may be all she wrote for Sony in 2024.

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