As we continue our not-E3 coverage of the biggest week for video games, we turn our attention to Summer Game Fest (one of three Geoff Keighley-produced yearly showcases). The 2024 edition presented 50-plus announcements, intended to highlight the bright future of the industry in an otherwise uniquely turbulent time for developers and publishers. Here is what players can expect heading into the latter half of the year, into 2025, and beyond. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

LEGO Horizon Adventures

Right out of the gate, the show delivered LEGO’s take on the PlayStation-exclusive series’ Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West. The collaboration between Studio Gobo and Guerrilla will mix the expected robot dinosaur-filled world with characters created out of the iconic toy pieces. Lego Horizon Adventures, a new entry with the trademark quirky family humor, is slated for Holiday 2024 (on PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC storefronts).

No More Room in Hell 2

The zombie-horror crowd is in for a treat this upcoming Halloween as Torn Banners Studios releases No More Room in Hell 2. Coming to Epic Games Store and Steam, surviving the zombies around every corner in the trailer may require co-op teams to avoid the permadeath feature. Fans have been awaiting this series’ return for quite some time.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Our next glimpse of a Hogwarts-dressed bunch of students turns out to be the introduction of a new fantasy sports title, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions. Considering the success of recent titles set in the Wizarding World (ex: Hogwarts Legacy), the audience for Unbroken Studios’ magical soccer matches is already preparing their wands. On September 3rd the passage at Platform 9¾ will usher in the start of tournament season on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC storefronts.


Might we have a new Among Us on our hands? We’re sure the one-person team, Gavin Eisenbeisz (behind Choo-Choo Charles), is hoping for this type of success for his new game CuffBust. The trailer shows some adorable cute creatures with some incomprehensible but assumedly foul-launguage in a setting for criminals as they attempt to make their escape. The action is so frenetic that a Hollywood director might easily replace them with actors and have a blockbuster movie (ala Bad Boys). We’ll leave the franchising opportunity to Two Star Games discretion, while their game arrives on Steam in a yet-to-be-disclosed future timeframe.

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft certainly has plenty to say about the industry’s next romp into “a galaxy far far away” as the game Star Wars: Outlaws steals the spotlight after Disney finishes the first run of the streaming show The Acolyte. It is simply perfect timing! Although our peek at the adventures of scoundrel Kay Vess and her alien companion Nix was brief, the excitement of another AAA studio taking the reins is palpable. This is especially true after the critically acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor titles by Electronic Arts. We look forward to healing more soon and playing August 30th.


The makers of GRIS have returned with Nomada studios’ debut of the visually enticing story-driven game Neva. We see many majestic creatures in oil-painting-styled environments as the protagonist dawns their red-riding hood style cloak. This sure-to-be masterpiece arrives this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S consoles.  

Civilization VII

Firaxis needs no introduction to PC and console players as they have delivered many Sid Meier titles to strategy game enthusiasts over the past two decades. Their appearance at SGF 2024 is no exception as 2K brought out the celebrity after an awe-inspiring Civilization VII teaser trailer featuring 3D scenes of history frozen in time. The studio has promised more gameplay will be showcased in the Fall ahead of its anticipated 2025 release date.

Black Myth Wukong

Exquisitely defined landscapes and towering environmental elements were allayed in front of a stone-faced monkey king in the Black Myth WuKong trailer. On August 20th, players will get the chance to jump into the legend’s perspective for what previous videos have shown is a grand Odyssey of long-staff skilled combat crafted by WeGames (NetEase). It is available for pre-order on PC storefronts and PS5 with fairly beefy Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

Asgard’s Wrath

One of the most highly rated virtual reality titles to grace the Meta Quest platform, Asgard’s Wrath flexed its muscles with an astounding amount of accolades sprinkled across its video. We saw boss monsters, hobbies, in-world transportation, mesmerizing puzzles, and someone nabbing some nifty loot from a chest. The sheer amount of interactivity in this headset-mounted game explains why Sanzaru Games’ experiential team can often be found just outside Keighley’s shows onsite (ala The Game Awards 2023).

Once Human

Some strange things are happening to the humans inside Starry Studio’s trailer for Once Human. Equally disturbing are the set pieces emitting eerily glowing streams and dwelling places that have sprouted limbs. At least players will apparently get a cool motorcycle to head face-to-face against humanoid monsters and absolutely feral beasts. We see multiple teams of four throughout the spot, so it is good to know the PC player won’t go it alone upon release on July 9th.

Samsung Gaming Hub

The first of the hardware partners interject a reminder that many games similar to the ones on showcase can be played without a console. According to the Samsung Gaming Hub team, flat screens, curved monitors, and projectors will only need a controller and access to their spiffy user interface for the fun to commence.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

The long-awaited project by Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive makes itself known via the menacing presence of a Terran in a seriously overpowered futuristic armor. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine promises the players that they will control the fate of their enemies on the battlefield via intense sequences of extraplanetary carnage and brotherly squad mates. Sponsored by AMD, this fight against the alien rampage begins September 9th.

Metaphor Re Fantazio

Persona 3, 4, and 5 royalty are invited as guests onto the stage to discuss Metaphor ReFantazio. Art Director Katsura Hashino and Art Designer Shigenori Soejima, representing Atlus, address the crowd inside the YouTube theatre to explain the mechanic of archetypes: the embodiment of facing one’s fears and anxieties. It certainly sounds Persona-esque! They follow their speech up with a trailer that does not disappoint. Studio Zero’s IP arrives October 11th, but is available for pre-order (and PC / Xbox exclusivity per the endcard).

Batman Arkham Shadow

Commissioner Gordon appears to be the graveled voice behind the narrator for Oculus Studios and Camouflaj’s depiction of Gotham City in the new Batman Arkham Shadow. Playable on Meta Quest III, the policeman is audibly frustrated with the rise of “the Rat King” (which might be a reference to the classic villain, Ratcatcher). The video ends with Batman facing down a horde of evil-doers and we’re told the game arrives this Fall, after more news at Gamescom.

Street Fighter (DLC Fighters)

Launching just last year, Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 packed in a ton of new features in its update to the franchise. Now in Year 2, we get a good look at some additional contestants in the international tournament. They include the classic villain M.Bison, East African princess Elena (from Street Fighter III), Terry (from Fatal Fury), and Mai (from its sequel). Judging by the quality of the computer-generated and anime cut scenes, consider this DLC already acquired.

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Tears of Metal

Scottish warfare, graphic violence, Metal-Gear-styled dialogue characterize elements of the hack-and-slash title Tears of Metal by publisher and developer Paper Cult. Billed as a co-op roguelike, the story involves a “dragon meteor” which has apparently inspired a rebellion. With a hint of Dynasty Warriors, this PC game is available to be added to wish lists on Steam.

Dragonball Sparking! Zero

Bandai Namco forces behind the Budokai Tenkaichi Series have assembled the new Dragonball Sparking! Zero trailer featuring every popular fighter from the anime series. All the staples are here: flaming blue and gold energy, destructible environments, charged-up attacks, and classic team-ups. With success in other genres such as Dragonball: The Breakers and recent updates to older titles such as Dragonball Xenoverse, this new entry is poised to ignite the fanbase on October 11 (with pre-order bonuses available).

Delta Force: Hawk Ops (Black Hawk Down)

Multiplayer. FPS. Extraction. Those are the descriptors used to define the Team Jade & TiMi Studio Group tactical military shooter for PC. It sees Operation Lightning Strike attempt to infiltrate their way past two warring factions (Ahsarah Guard and Haavk) to a sophisticated piece of technology. Snipers, rooftop combatants, and even a soldier with a flamethrower clash around smoke canisters, quickly applied health stimulants, and grenades thrown around corners. A premium campaign mode reviving the original Black Hawk Down (including the Ridley Scott film) is a sweet addition. Did we mention this is coming to practically all platforms, including mobile?

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Speaking of revives, SNK’s famed arcade fighter Fatal Fury is on the way to homes everywhere via PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Subtitled “City of the Wolves”, it will bring back over-the-top personalities such as Terry Bogard and Jenny Behrn (B. Jenet). Newbies on the scene include the mysterious assassin Vox Reaper. More characters are seen mid-battle in visuals reminiscent of the cell shading era. The package wouldn’t be complete without appropriate martial arts-themed mini-games, but that ends the brief look at what’s to come.

Dolby Vision / Atmos / Samsung G8

Dolby decided the barrage of games almost at our fingertips needed a reminder that its Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos proprietary systems have collaborated with Halo: Infinite. To follow up, Samsung is back with the G8 edition of its 4K OLED 240Hz .03ms gaming monitor. You can now experience the shame of losing a killing spree to the kid half your age on the other team, but at least you have the technology advantage.

Battle Crush  

A colorful and cartoony cast of characters springs to life in a pseudo-3D top-down world in Battle Crush for Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC storefronts (Steam). Seemingly taking a page from the theme of Immortals: Fenyx Rising (or maybe Divine Knockout), the action involves minotaurs, trident-wielders, aerial bow-masters, and a cyclops to illustrate a few caught in the skirmishes. Enter the early access for this cheerful title on June 27th.

Mecha Break

A little over half a year since Armored Core 6 launched, we’ve now got a serious competitor, called Mecha Break. The team behind this gorgeous combat robot story is Amazing Seasun. While the closed Beta test isn’t until August, the video trailer showed behind-the-scenes art and fluid movement amidst a battery of projectiles aimed at the Aquila and Luminae class of playable mechs. Gundam and MechWarrior fans may be swapping allegiance after trying this one.

Blumhouse Games

Hot off the heels of their uber-successful video game-to-movie theater transformation of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the studio called Blumhouse (Games) stormed the stage to reveal six in-progress titles. The full slate is soundly in the horror genre, which is what these professionals do best. With the first release anticipated to be Fear the Spotlight by Cozy Game Pals, the remaining titles for PC and console are as follows:

  • Crisol: Theater of Idols from Vermila Studios
  • Grave Seasons from Perfect Garbage
  • Sleep Awake from Eyes Out
  • The Simulation from PlayMeStudios
  • Project C (inspired by Sam Barlow & Brandon Cronenberg) 

Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind

Get ready for a heavy nostalgia trip! Digital Eclipse has made the applaudable decision to develop Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind. In the 2D action side-scrolling genre, the trailer shows all five of the original heroes and the familiar environments they frequented in the 90’s TV show (e.g., signs of Angel Grove). Publisher Hasbro Retro Arcade was clearly paying attention to the runaway success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge two years ago. We can’t wait to grab our favorite color of Ranger, talk to Alpha and Zordon, and then go kick some Putty Patrollers around.

Deer & Boy 

Break out the tissue box because we’ve got a real tear-jerker next. Lifeline Game Studio revealed the trailer for their new game Deer & Boy. From the start, they establish the apparent passing of both protagonists’ parents (ala Bambi) before the two stumble across one another. Their adventures are through beautiful 3D environments on a mostly 2D plane, similar to Limbo, but with vastly more color, ambiance, and foreground scenery. By the time the logo appears the animal companion is looking positively ethereal. This intriguing game, from the mind of Jason Houdei, is available for wish list on Steam.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

Warhorse Studios is sending us back to medieval times to explore an open-world action role-playing adventure in their sequel title, Kingdom Come Deliverance II. Scenes from the video trailer, indicate the drama will be dialed up a notch as we follow the cast of blacksmiths, countryside thieves, and knights. Published by the renowned Deep Silver, the game will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC at an undisclosed time later this year.

Slitter Head

If you are squeamish, turn away now because the trailer for the upcoming horror game Slitterhead does not hold back. The first human head to morph into an indescribable monstrosity is leagues beyond what one can expect from the Resident Evil series. The team at Bokeh Game Studios put together a neon jungle for the not-so-human NPCs to roam; an otherwise, accurate Tokyo-like appearance. We doubt the player will have time to take in the view as the possession of other beings doesn’t seem to deter the vicious enemies on display. Prepare for those jump-scares starting on November 8th on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Killer Bean

Who knew a combination of John Wick, Agent 47, and Max Payne as a caffeine-rich food item was on the bingo card for Summer Game Fest 2024? That is exactly what we got in the wild trailer for Killer Bean. It sounds like a story of an ex-super spy gone rogue. The action is at times absurd as the focus character breakdances to success in a gun battle, rides a jet ski under a giant mech out on the ocean, and handles a grenade like Michael Jordan readying a dunk. This is all appropriately befitting of a third-person perspective and developed by a one-person studio under Jeff Lew (Matrix-alum). Anyone awaiting this game’s early access needs only two months of patience.


More guests arrive on-stage as the CEO of The Game Bakers (Audrey LePrince) and Creative Director Emeric Thoa explain the inspiration behind their climbing simulation. In honor of acquaintances they’ve lost in the real-life conditions portrayed by their game, Cairn’s story revolves around attempting to go beyond your limits and achieve a summit you’ve never reached. The road is paved through perseverance, as we see the climber suffer setbacks (ex: falling from great heights) and moments of strength (ex: push-ups inside a tent hanging from the vertical mountainside). To say this game is motivation is an understatement.

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Annapurna Interactive is known for publishing exceptional video games and their next from Ivy Road does not look to break that tradition. On the surface, Wanderstop appears to be a heavily stylized tea shop simulator. You gather garden elements, mix your brew, and taste-test alongside the local village characters. It isn’t until the last few seconds of the trailer when the formerly cheerful Miss Alta begins to question her happiness and see visions of an encroaching sword, that we understand there may be a twist. The mystery will be solved later in 2024 when the game exits players’ Steam wishlists and also heads to PS5.

Unknown9 Awakening

What if Lara Croft had supernatural powers? That is the vibe of Unkown9: Awakening, a visually intense World War-era tale of an explorer uncovering the truth behind her abilities and simultaneously guarding the truth from a power-seeking businessman. According to him, the destiny of humanity is his to command as we see an obvious struggle by the protagonist to outwit the hired minions attempting to restrain her. She can obviously leave her original body to enter a corporeal form and turn the tide in her favor. Set pieces like the massive airship in the background invite speculation on the varied environments we’ll see in Reflector’s narrative beginning at Bandai Namco’s title launch this Fall.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Capcom briefly pops up to remind us that Monster Hunter Stories is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 14. Similarly, the sequel Monster Hunter Stories 2 arrives on PS4 the same day. Lastly, their Summer Deals promise hefty price reductions, involving at least Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 4, and Street Fighter 6.

Enotria: The Last Song

Jyamma Games presents a darkly visceral setting where hidden faces and sword combat win the day in the trailer for Enotria: The Last Song. We see opposing leaders step out in front of their flintlock rifle carrying soldiers to engage in one-on-one conflict. The prize is apparently the mask of the loser which must carry heavy significance as everyone in the video trailer is wearing one. This includes a mask tether to a replica of the cosmos, before the logo cuts in – spooky! Deluxe edition goodies are available for this game launching September 19 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Epic Games Store).

The First Descendant

After a successful Fall 2023 beta, Nexon’s free-to-play multiplayer looter-shooter titled The First Descendant is finally set to release on July 2nd for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This game has garnered significant “next-gen” buzz for its use of the Unreal Engine 5. The cinematics have matched the beauty of the gameplay, which sees the player take control of a specialized agent class to stop a villainous group from acquiring world-altering artifacts. Here at Strangely Awesome Games, this became an instant best of the show due to its song choice (by M83) mirroring the original Gears of War / “Mad World” debut over a decade ago.

Innersloth / Outersloth / Among Us Series on CBS

    Innersloth (or should I say Outersloth) brought their A-game to the showcase by revealing __ titles currently in development and giving fans the first preview of the CBS Studios broadcast of the Among Us television series (with its A-list Hollywood cast). Our third pair of guests (Victoria Tran, Communications Director and Forest Willard, CEO & Co-Founder) gushed on stage about the OuterSloth initiative to fund indie games including:

    • Mar First Logistics by Shape Shop
    • Battle Suit Aces by Trinket Studios
    • Mossfield Archives by Studio Any Percent
    • One BTN Bosses by Midnight Munchies
    • Rogue Eclipse by HuskRafts
    • Project Dosa by Outerloop Games

    Sonic X Shadow Generations

    It wouldn’t be a Summer Game Fest showcase without Sonic the Hedgehog and thus the reveal of the Sonic x Shadow Generations trailer begins. Sega’s speedster is joined by the anti-hero Shadow and Mecha-Sonic across a variety of locations, 2D scrolls, rail progressions, 3D arenas, and boss fights. By the end of the wallet-opening video, we learn that the game will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox storefronts on October 25 (with pre-order bonuses added). And with that, the “Year of Shadow” will continue with the theatrical release of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 later this year.

    Dune Awakening

    The multiverse is not done with the Dune franchise as one of the first things we learn from Paul Atreides is the impact of his birth (or lack thereof) on the history and events of the universe and its factions. One of these alternate realities is apparently the setting for Funcom and Level Infinite’s upcoming open-world survival MMO Dune Awakening. Seeing multiple key moments from the recently revived film franchise recreated in-game engine is surreal. Paul continues his exposition to redirect the focus onto the player who will become the catalyst of the future of his timelines (according to his visions). Dune Awakening is available to be added to wish lists while we await more game information. 

    Battle Aces 

      Anime overload fills the screen as the audience gazes upon the intro scenes for Battle Aces, the project by new studios Uncapped Games and Lightspeed Studios. Appearing to be a mix of Akira and Ace Combat, multiple one-person flying fighter craft engage on walking tanks and drones with cannons. How anyone survives the constant missiles and high-caliber rounds is unknown, but it is all set to an appropriate heavy metal musical score. Senior Game Director David Kim says this real-time strategy game will invite new players of the genre and reduce the tedious clicks for genre veterans. It is available for wishlist now on Steam with a Closed Beta soon.

      The Finals (Season 3)

        When Geoff uttered the line “sharpen your katanas” as the camera faded to black for The Finals video trailer, anyone could guess Season 3 was about to channel some absolutely feudal warfare. Before the eclectic squad of contestants could fully turn around, a team of appropriately dressed ninjas, shogun, and samurai were arriving to challenge them. We’re quickly told Embark Studio and Nexon’s latest update will include the new Kyoto 1568 map, ranked Terminal Attack mode, new contestant load-outs, and World Tour tournaments. Players need only hold their excitement until June 13.

        Alan Wake II (Physical Editions & Night Springs DLC)

          It’s guest time again! The theatre applauds as Remedy’s own Sam Lake treats them to a brief encore of his team’s Alan Wake II choreography from The Game Awards 2023. The Creative Director announces that fans’ wishes have been heard because physical Deluxe and Collector’s Editions are available for pre-order. And that’s not all. Night Springs, 3 episodes of new content, are only hours away! An accolade-sprinkled preview shows us some unexpected characters that will be under our control in the Twin Peaks-style narrative. Well played.

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          New World: Aeternum 

            Another musically driven trailer greets watchers, this time utilizing “Where is My Mind?” by The Pixies. Supernatural wildlife arise and a twisted wood-monster thrashes around with its vines as soldiers encroach on structures radiating power and the bosses guarding them. The narrator suggests the mythical island is becoming tainted by arrivals from the outside world. At this point, the setting is clearly from Amazon Games’ former MMO, as the title unveils itself with a new subtitle. New World Aeternum, the revamped ARPG version, is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles on October 15 with crossplay.

            Honkai Starrail 

              After teasing a TikTok reward and informing us that the previous in-game special program has ended, the show host leads into the Honkai Star Rail trailer. Hoyoverse’s gacha game spends an adequate amount of time profiling fan-favorite fighters and their tactics before the narrator reveals the new look (juxtaposed by the two brandished daggers). A tagline promising additional game content ends the spot.

              Dark and Darker

                Ironmace wastes no time putting the viewer into first-person perspective and dropping them into the dimly lit dungeons below. Their namesake game, Dark and Darker, greets players with an angry troll, a deftly dodging skeleton, dwarves with shields, and (on the brighter side) piles of golden loot. We’ll get the chance to use bows, flaming torches, spellbooks, magic wands, and even a harp! Judging by the monster types, including a necromancer and ice dragon, this game looks to give Doom a run for its money; or not. That’s because the PvPvE is free-to-play on Epic Games and Steam.

                Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess  

                  Open your wallet because Capcom is bringing another banger IP to the table. Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess depicts a katana-wielding protagonist battling against brilliantly colored, but otherworldly creatures and soldiers. Seemingly spawned from bone-encased portals of energy, we see the playable character slash and dodge, call upon the aide of a nearby maiden, and deploy a wisp to assist them in battle. Next month, on all previous and current-gen platforms (sans Nintendo), those eerie portals will unleash their contents on the July 19 release date, but it can be pre-ordered today.

                  Hyperlight Breaker

                    As the cool, calm, and collected figure strolls past the camera in the first few seconds of the Hyper Light Drifter trailer, you realize whatever is about to happen, they have done it before. Seconds later, the breaker efficiently eliminates an enemy twice as tall in mere seconds. They use a slim blade, multiple projectiles, swoosh past on a hoverboard, and float down from a cliff with a glider. As they lob a spear, their fellow squadmates join up from elsewhere in the neon-colored environment. Explore, Collect, Destroy; the titles beckon before the logo for Arc Games creation appears. Early Access starts late this summer with the ability to wishlist available now.

                    Party Animals 

                      Next is a brief montage of the zany shenanigans of the avatars in Recreate Games’s Party Animals. Many friendships will be tested as they battle to grapple and bully opponents out of the stage. A squad streamer’s dream game, this trailer is meant to emphasize its continued availability on the Steam and Xbox storefronts.


                        This is the one everyone has been waiting for, in a sense. EA, or should we say M-Corp, has shown up to SGF with an expertly crafted PR masterpiece. Their spokesperson, comedian Tim Robinson, seems intent on assuring some audience that San Vansterdam is safer due to increased restrictions on skateboarders. The office environment antics in the background say otherwise, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Back on the stage, Geoff introduces a fine selection of clips from the still-in-progress Skate. from Electronic Arts. Simply put, skaters are everywhere, shredding everything. The extreme sports action looks fun, M-Corp has clearly been lying, and there is a console playtest coming in the Fall. Sweet!


                          CuriousJoi gets the honor of introducing one of 2024’s most well-received indie darlings, PalWorld. As the trailer rolls, we’re told the Sakurajima update will apparently bring all of the following from Pocketpair developers on June 27:

                          • a new island 
                          • new Pals
                          • dedicated Xbox servers 
                          • new buildings and level cap
                          • new subspecies
                          • a new multiplayer Raid –
                          • the Stronghold – Oil Rig location 
                          • Arena mode
                          • a new Faction and Boss


                            The esports world holds its collective breath. Valorant is finally on its way to consoles (PS5, Xbox). Invited to the stage are Riot Games’ Production Director Arnar Gylfason and Executive Producer Andy Ho who speak on the viral moments enabled by the game’s rabid audience. The on-console in-game video they’ve brought adds that a limited beta starts on June 14. Head of Valorant Studio, Anna Donlon, appears from a competition in China to celebrate all things concerning the community and the players league.


                              Squadbusters’ team at Supercell, a mobile monster brawler/looter available for Android and iOS, somehow got Kim Jeong as a chicken, Chris Hemsworth as an ancient warrior, and a few other high-profile Hollywood celebs to promote its availability. This comedy sketch is off-the-wall.

                              Monster Hunter Wilds

                                Series Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto is the next guest to take the stage ahead of the new game trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A team of two riders (and a tiny companion) are relentlessly chased by multiple creatures under the vast environment of sand. After they become pinned, a montage of fighters versus monsters in various biomes unfolds. Capcom has set the release for 2025 with a playable demo on-site at Gamescom this year. What a great way to build anticipation!

                                Phantom Blade Zero

                                  No one more thing this year! Phantom Blade Zero (from a previous State of Play) becomes the coveted last game of the showcase. An incredibly detailed mix of Ghost of Tsushima and Elden Ring, the game sees a long-blade-wielding hero running across cliff walls, facing down ghostly apparitions, and generally eviscerating foes with agile and precise acrobatics. Don’t forget to wishlist the S-Game developed title.


                                  With arguably the biggest gaming show of the season in the books, what title caught your attention the most? Remember that Strangely Awesome Games will have live stream coverage and reaction to the remaining Xbox and Ubisoft press conferences (Sunday and Monday, respectively). Various voices within the gaming industry are rightfully concerned with the trajectory of the years to follow. What we’ve seen today may put some of those fears to rest.

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