During the Black Ops 6 Direct, we received some information regarding the next iteration of Call of Duty Zombies, that has old and new fans alike hyped. Along with the returning round-based structure and two maps available at launch, we were also told that there would be a set crew. In recent titles, squads consisted of customizable operators that are not involved in the story like in Black Ops Cold War. However, there will be an option to pick an operator instead of playing as someone who appeared canonically if players prefer. 

The set crew that features some returning characters that many might recognize from playing the previous Zombies modes. While the playable characters for the first map has have been confirmed, it is unclear if the crew will change depending on the map. At the moment, we also have no word on who will make non-playable appearances, but some characters seem likely to show up.

Confirmed Returning Characters

Grigori Weaver

Call of Duty Weaver

Grigori Weaver was first introduced to players in the first Black Ops. He debuted in the mission “Numbers”, where he and Jason Hudson are interrogating one of the doctors responsible for creating the Nova 6 gas. In that game, he loses his left eye when he was attacked by Lev Kravchenko. After his appearance in the first game, he was absent from Call of Duty for some time. He was reintroduced in 2020, and plays a big role in the Zombies storyline for Black Ops Cold War. In that game, he becomes one of the leaders of Requiem, a faction supported by the CIA. 

Aside from his main appearances, he is also in Black Ops 4 as a playable operator in the Blackout game mode, and as an operator in Black Ops Cold War. In Black Ops 6, he will be a playable character that is part of the set crew on the first map, “Terminus”.

Mackenzie Carver

Call of Duty Carver

Major Mac Carver was one of the characters introduced as part of the Requiem team in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Given his high reputation from his time serving in World War II and the Korean War, he was appointed to the position of Head of Containment and Security as Requiem’s strike teams focused on responding to dimensional breaches. 

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Despite working from behind the scenes in the previous game, he will be a playable character in Black Ops 6, which means he will take a more active role in the story. He also makes a small appearance in the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3, during a cutscene in the fourth act.

Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth Grey Call of Duty

Like Carver, Elizabeth Grey was introduced as part of Requiem as the Head of the Unnatural Sciences department. As part of that department, her goal was to figure out how to use Aetherium, the mineral found from the dimensional breaches, for good. After the strike team working for Requiem rescues Samantha Maxis, she and Grey become close.

After spending time behind the scenes, she will be a playable character along with Weaver and Carver in Black Ops 6. In Modern Warfare 3, she makes an appearance in a cutscene for Operation Deadbolt where she is revealed as the surrogate mother for Ava Jansen.


Klaus Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Created by Elizabeth Grey, Klaus appears in the map Mauer der Toten in Black Ops Cold War as a robot the player can build to help defend against the hordes of zombies. He will return as a fully playable operator in Black Ops 6, as part of the Vault Edition.


Brutus Call of Duty Zombies

Fans of Black Ops 2 may recognize Brutus as the warden miniboss in the Mob of the Dead map, set in Alcatraz. Similarly, he also appears in the remake, Blood of the Dead in Black Ops 4. He spawns with the zombies between rounds 5-7, as well as on the Golden Gate Bridge or when players use the mystery box too frequently. If players made it to tier 45 on Operation Grand Heist in Black Ops 4, he would be unlocked as a playable character for the Blackout mode. Under orders from the Shadowman, Brutus turns the penitentiary into a pocket dimension to trap Primis Richtofen, turning Alcatraz into the map we see in both games where the warden makes his appearance.

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Brutus is distinguishable from the rest of the zombie horde due to his large size and heavy riot gear, which give him the defense and strength needed to pressure the main characters. He will return in Black Ops 6 as a playable operator, as seen in the Hunters vs. Hunted operator pack included in the Vault Edition.

Unconfirmed Returning Characters

Edward Richtofen

Eddie Richtofen Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

A veteran to the Call of Duty franchise, Richtofen has been around since the World at War map Shi No Numa, which released in 2009. His story can be a little confusing, as it involves three different versions of the character that span across different timelines. He plays a main role in the overarching Zombies storyline, with Black Ops 4 being the final game where he was one of the main characters. Originally, he was a scientist tasked with studying Element 115 along with Doctor Ludvig Maxis at the facility in the Der Reise map. Through his studies, Richtofen would eventually go mad after using himself as a test subject.

In Black Ops 2, we are introduced to Edward Richtofen from another timeline, referred to as Primis Richtofen. When this younger version of the scientist becomes aware of what happened to the older Richtofen, he works to not make the same mistakes. Primis Richtofen is less skilled and experienced than the other version of himself, but he is more focused on his own survival as well as the others.

After what became known as the “Portal Timeline”, it seemed that Richtofen’s story was finished. However, we get glimpses of yet another version of the character named “Eddie”, as he is revealed to be the Director of Requiem in Black Ops Cold War. It has not been confirmed if he will play a role in Black Ops 6, but many fans consider it a strong possibility considering how he was teased in this new timeline.

Samantha Maxis

Samantha Maxis Black Ops Cold War

While Samantha Maxis has played a big role in the overarching storylines in the Zombies mode, she has mostly been in the background, making small appearances during the gameplay. After becoming a victim of Richtofen’s madness, she becomes an antagonist, taking control of the zombies attacking the main characters. Later, she ends up joining the main team to help them restore order in the final map of Black Ops 4. She then plays a role in the story for Black Ops Cold War, when the strike team from Requiem have to rescue her from the Dark Aether. She comes back from that hellish dimension with purple eyes, and a fresh set of supernatural powers.

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While having minor appearances in the previous timeline, she becomes a playable operator in Black Ops Cold War, and has been referenced in the zombies story for Modern Warfare 3. It is unknown if she will appear in Black Ops 6, but it may be likely given how much of an impact she has on the story.

William Peck

Dr. Peck Black Ops Cold War Zombies

One of the characters featured in the Zombies story for Black Ops Cold War, Dr. William Peck was part of the Department of Defense. He later defects and joins Omega Group, becoming an antagonist in the story. Despite being extremely smart and having an expertise on aether technology, he is widely disliked by just about everyone. While he plays a major role in the story, he mainly provides dialogue and context for the story on each map. His impact and inclusion in Black Ops Cold War leave many to believe he will be back in Black Ops 6.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 comes out October 25, 2024 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass. For more on Call of Duty Zombies, head to our YouTube channel.

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