Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is out now, and it brings all the multiplayer action and fun we’re used to. New modes have been added in this year’s game, as well as returning classic multiplayer modes from the past. Let’s walk through everything you can expect in MW3 multiplayer.


Capture two points in order to win a round. Win three rounds and you win. Each team has only 30 lives to share amongst one another.


It’s 3v3v3, or three teams of three. Each player only has one life. Eliminate the teams or capture the overtime flag in order to win.


Three objectives are divided into A, B, and C. To capture a point, stand on it for 10 seconds. However, other teams can contest by simply being in the same area. Teams earn a point for every second they’re in the area. A team wins by reaching the needed number of points.

Free for All

Each player faces eleven others. Whoever has the most points when time runs out, wins.

Ground War

This game mode is larger; it features aerial and ground vehicles as well as ground to capture and hold. As a team captures, more spawn locations are created further on the map. Most game modes are 6v6, but Ground War can hold up to 64 players.

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Gun Game

While some qualities may change, some remain the same in Gun Game. Players receive a weapon they must land a kill with. Upon doing so, the weapon changes. Kills typically become harder as you progress, until you are left with a knife.


The point moves around the map as the game progresses. Whoever secures the most time, wins.


This is similar to Team Deathmatch but it’s 20v20 with up to another 20 AI players for each team. Invasion’s map are larger scale to accommodate the size.

Kills Confirmed

Players must hunt for dog tags left behind by killed players. Pick up the enemy’s dog tags to earn poitns. Pick up your team’s dog tags to prevent the enemy’s points.

Search and Destroy

One team plants a bomb in two zones on the map. The defending team must ward off the attacking team and defuse the bomb. There are no respawns and the defending team loses if time runs out.

Team Deathmatch

Kill enemies to earn points. Earn enough points and you win the game.


War is a 6v6 with objectives to attack and defend on a larger map. Coordinate with your team to capture an area, escort a tank, and more.

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