It has been a crazy few weeks with the hype of MLB The Show 23’s release next month. With the MLB The Show 23 release coming soon, I wondered who were the previous star players on previous covers in the MLB The Show series? I decided to enlighten myself by going back and figuring out who the previous cover athletes were.

MLB The Show 23 features Miami Marlins star outfielder Jazz Chisolm on the cover. Chisolm is a dynamic player with excellent speed and good power, but his personality and electric style endear him to fans the most. In addition, on the cover of the Collector’s Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition, Yankees legend Derek Jeter will be on the cover of MLB The Show for the first time ever.

MLB The Show Cover Athletes 2006-2010

MLB 06: The Show – 1B/DH David Ortiz

After starting his career with the Minnesota Twins, Big Papi was a legendary DH for the Boston Red Sox. He was a lethal opponent from the left side of the plate and played a significant role in the storied Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in the early 2000s. Today, David Ortiz still appears in MLB The Show as a legend player in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB 07: The Show – 3B David Wright

David Wright was an excellent third baseman and a leader on some outstanding New York Mets teams throughout his career. He might not have the pure star power of many other players on this list, but he had a great career and, in 2007, was one of the best players in baseball.

MLB 08: The Show – 1B Ryan Howard

Howard’s peak years didn’t last as long as some would want for him to be in the Hall of Fame, but those peak years were awfully good. He was a leader on the Phillies’ 2008 World Series championship team and a centerpiece of a perennial contender for years to come.

MLB 09: The Show – 2B Dustin Pedroia

Unfortunately, Dustin Pedroia may have seen his career production fall off fast at the end, but during the late 2000s, he was a dominant second baseman in the American League. Pedroia helped revolutionize the position into one that featured much more offensive contributions from the top players.

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MLB 10: The Show – C/1B Joe Mauer

Eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2024, Joe Mauer graced the cover of MLB The Show for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. His first appearance was coming on the heels of his 2009 American League MVP season, in which he hit a staggering .365.

MLB 11: The Show – C/1B Joe Mauer

Mauer continued as the cover athlete for MLB The Show 11 and starred in some excellent PlayStation commercials advertising the game. Well played, Mauer.

MLB 12: The Show – 1B Adrian Gonzalez

Another great left-handed hitter for the Boston Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez was one of the best pure hitters in baseball during his peak years. He had one of the sweetest swings in the majors and was a massive threat to opposing pitchers.

MLB 13: The Show – OF Andrew McCutchen

He’s at the tail end of his career now, but from 2012-2014 Andrew McCutchen was one of the very best players in baseball and the catalyst on some outstanding Pirates teams. I’m not kidding; some good Pirates teams. His legend collection card in MLB The Show 22 was a good indication of the player he was when he was on the cover.

MLB 14: The Show – 1B/DH Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera is one of the best right-handed hitters ever to play baseball. I don’t know what else to say to add to that. So enjoy 2023, because it may be the last time you see Miggy play.

MLB 15: The Show – RF Yasiel Puig

This cover choice might seem out of place when looking at it today, but in 2015 Yasiel Puig was an electric player for the Dodgers. Unfortunately, his career turned downward, and he doesn’t belong with some of the other names on this list.

MLB The Show 16 – 3B Josh Donaldson

Coming off of his American League MVP season, Josh Donaldson was a cornerstone of the Toronto Blue Jays teams that were contenders in the mid-2010s. Alongside Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, Donaldson contributed to a potent lineup that could do a lot of damage, and the Bringer of Rain’s defense at third base has always been exceptional.

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MLB The Show 17 – CF Ken Griffey Jr.

A first-ballot Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey, JR. is one of the greatest players to live in our lifetimes. He had a sweet swing, could hit for average and power and was a must-see attraction in center field. On top of that, he helped save baseball in Seattle. Unfortunately, Griffey suffered more injuries in Cincinnati but was still dominant when healthy.

MLB The Show 18 – OF Aaron Judge

I find it crazy that this is the first game in the MLB The Show series with a New York Yankee on the cover. Maybe its because many baseball fans hate the Yankees, but that ends with Aaron Judge being on the game. He would be the face of the franchise for the New York Yankees, so if they were going to choose any player, it was going to be Judge

MLB The Show 19 – RF/DH Bryce Harper

No question here that Harper had to be on the MLB The Show Game. He signed a massive contract with the Philadelphia Phillies and was one of the greatest baseball players in the league. It would have been a missed opportunity if he was not on the cover.

MLB The Show 20 – SS Javier Baez

It took them long enough to put Javier Baez as the cover of this game. He did come off an All-Star performance which is great, but I would have preferred putting him on the game when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Overall, I am glad he just made it, as Baez was my favorite player when the Cubs were at the top of the league.

MLB The Show 21 – SS/OF Fernando Tatis Jr.

Before Tatis Jr. tested positive for PEDs, he was seen as one of the faces of the San Diego Padres and Major League Baseball. It was also when the Padres were starting to grow as a World Series contender, so Tatis was a no-brainer to have as the cover of this game.

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MLB The Show 22 – DH/OF/P Shohei Ohtani

Ohtani is a generational talent and one of the best pitchers/hitters we have seen in baseball for many years. Ohtani is also a very marketable athlete for this game and will provide a tremendous reach to international players of the game. He is going to be this generation’s Ichiro Suzuki as he is that great of a baseball player.

MLB The Show 23 – CF/2B Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Interestingly, Sony San Diego chose Jazz Chisholm to be on the cover of this year’s MLB The Show. It was not my first choice, but I don’t mind it at all. Chisholm is a rising star on a much improved Miami Marlins team and should take the next step of a deep playoff push next season.

MLB The Show 23 Jazz Chisolm

There have been a lot of big stars on the cover of the Standard Edition of MLB The Show. I love every single cover in this game and their style. Like for this year, I love the background used, and it is so cool seeing Jazz Chisholm on it, as he is a rising star in the MLB.

Out of all the cover athletes above, I don’t have a complaint with any. My five favorite cover athletes in MLB The Show are Miguel Cabrera, Yasiel Puig, Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Now the one athlete I wish to be a cover athlete in MLB The Show is RF/LF Ichiro Suzuki. I still don’t get why he was not even on one of them, as he is the greatest baseball player I have ever seen play. Especially in his prime, I hope one day he gets a Legacy edition of him made.

MLB The Show 23 is coming March 28th, 2023on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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