XDefiant is almost here! The game has been hyped since 2021, when Ubisoft first announced the game was in development. XDefiant has several factions from across Ubisoft’s catalog for players to choose from. Here’s every faction in XDefiant.

Many Factions Are There in XDefiant?

To answer this question simply, there are a total of 5 factions that you can choose to play as in XDefiant. The 5 factions are the Cleaners, Echelon, Libertad, Phantoms, and Dedsec. That is a solid amount of factions to choose from, and more are coming post-launch. However, we don’t know any specifics on those yet. Here are the 5 coming at launch.

Cleaners: The Pyro Technicians (The Division)

I love this group already, because this faction is actually made up of former NYC sanitation workers. I live in the state of New York, so that immediately attracted me to this group. What is interesting about the Cleaners is that the tool they are going to utilize the most is fire. They have flame throwers, and focus on causing damage & maintaining it.

It is just brilliant. This is going to be my first choice of faction when I play the game. If you are a New Yorker like I am, or just want to deal damage with a fire tactic team, then this is the one for you.

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Echelon: The Super Spies (Splinter Cell)

Do you all like Spies? I do! And not only for their stories in real life, but also in movies and video games as well. In XDefiant, you can be one with the NSA’s Echelon faction. The information and intelligence that this faction uses are top class. Limited-use invisibility, an element of surprise, and the ability to create confusion is key for this faction. The coolest part of this faction is that they can be invisible for some time as a special ability. They also hide from the mini map, so good luck trying to find them! Sometimes, it will be hard.

If you want to play like a stealthy Super Spy and fight like Sam Fisher, choose this faction.

Libertad: The Freedom Fighters (Far Cry 6)

This one is an interesting inclusion, as the Libertad faction comes from Far Cry 6. They are a medically trained faction of healers. They’re focused on healing their team (and themselves) to keep them alive and fighting. The key here is strength in numbers, and to increase and maintain health with their medical abilities. This will play a vital support role in XDefiant’s META.

If you want to focus on boosting health and restoring it when damaged, this ought to be your faction of choice!

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Phantoms: The Future Soldiers (Ghost Recon Phantoms)

This ex-Ghost team is a notable squad from the Ghost Recon series. They are highly trained with technology, and are heavily experienced in the battlefield. They are definitely a more hardened group and use shields for defense. In addition, they also have more health than the standard 100, though player feedback may cause this to change.

If you like the Ghost Recon games, and/or want to play objectives, then this is a great faction to utilize.

Dedsec: The Cyber Attackers (Watch Dogs 2)

DedSec. Do you remember them from Watch Dogs 2? This is the more cyber-skilled group from the bunch. They control deployable items, and even drones. They can be utilized to hunt the opposing team and are all hackers. In the Watch Dogs games, they have the belief that dismantling systems of control, technology and causing chaos is a good thing. In XDefiant, they are able to hijack enemy equipment.

If you love technology and computers, then this is the group for you.

That is every faction coming to XDefiant at launch. Here is my question; what is your faction of choice and why?

XDefiant releases May 21st, 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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