Feel like your mind is turning to mush every time you fire up the console and
spend an evening blasting away wave and wave of the undead? Sometimes, a
brainless blasting session is just what you need. However, you should definitely
think about mixing up your gaming playlist with a few titles. Whether you’re a
parent looking for kid-friendly classics or one of the older crowd keen to give
their gray matter a workout, we’ve got you covered.

Bee Simulator

We have filled this list with simulation games, but we’ll kick things off with one
of the more left-field sims on the market today. While Bee Simulator is definitely
a kid-friendly option, even adults will have plenty of fun with this one. Players
take on the role of a bee and have to buzz around Central Park in search of
pollen. All those virtual flowers will give budding horticulturalists plenty of
insights. What’s more, detailed loading screens provided insights about
eponymous insects.

Kerbal Space Program

You’ve probably played a few space sims in your time. While Kerbal Space
looks like something geared toward the younger crowd, there’s a lot of
depth here, meaning players of any age have plenty to enjoy. Players take on
the role of aspiring astronauts and have to create their own spacecraft to explore
the Kerbal planetary system of the title. The more you progress, the more you’ll
learn about astronomy, orbital mechanicals, and other space-related subjects.

PC Building Simulator 2

If you’re a PC gamer, you might have considered building your own gaming
system from scratch, rather than pay a small fortune to purchase a ready-made
one. With PC Building Simulator 2, you can brush up on the basics before
investing in what you’ll need to build your very own gaming unit. This is an
incredibly realistic simulation game, with virtual recreations of licensed parts
produced by genuine manufacturers. If you’re paying attention, you can use this
as a step-by-step guide to make your own bespoke PC.

Bio Inc. Redemption

Do you have an interest in medical science? Bio Inc. Redemption might be
something to consider downloading. As you’d expect, this game can get a little
grim. Players can opt to identify the diseases plaguing their virtual patients and
cure them, or punish them with devastating illnesses. The viruses and ailments
you’ll encounter in this game are all very real. The more you encounter, the
better you’ll become at identifying those telltale signs and symptoms.

Dota 2

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on something more conventional. Released in
2013, Dota 2, has become a firm favorite with millions of gamers and is now
central to the thriving esports sector. As with many other MOBA games, Dota 2
has the potential to improve problem-making skills. If you’re looking for an easy
way to boost your IQ, this is one title worth checking out.

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Civilization 6

The Civilization series from Fireaxis Games has been growing strong since 1991.
This turn-based strategy series has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide,
with Civilization 6 being the best-selling of all. Not only is this epic game ideal if
your logic needs sharpening, but it’s also a rich repertoire of historical insights.

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