EA Sports WRC has officially been released. It’s a fun game to play, and many players aim to complete the achievements and earn every trophy available in the game. You might be wondering how many achievements/trophies are in the game and how you can obtain them. In this article, I will list each and every one of them.

Bronze Trophy

Team Principal

Create your own team in Career Mode (25G, Bronze)

Asphalt Artist

Drive 100 Miles (160 KM) on Asphalt (35G, Bronze)

Gravel Guru

Drive 100 Miles (160 KM) on Gravel/Dirt (35G, Bronze)

Snow Specialist

Drive 100 Miles (160 KM) on Snow (35G, Bronze)

Vehicle Builder

Build your first Vehicle Builder car (20G, Bronze)

Your First Time?

Complete a lesson in the Rally School (30G, Bronze)

Silver Trophy

Rookie Season

Complete your first career season (30 G, Silver)

Keeping it Real

Complete 5 Moments (40 G, Silver)

New PB!

Beat a Personal Best Time in Time Trial (25 G, Silver)

Ghost Buster

Download and beat a Ghost in Time Trial (35 G, Silver)

Long Haul Hero

Drive 1,000 Miles (1600 Km) (50G, Silver)

Master Vehicle Builder

Build 5 Cars in the Vehicle Builder (35G, Silver)

Personalized Podium

Finish on the Podium of a Custom Championship in a vehicle builder car, with a custom livery (50G, Silver)

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In The Headlights

Finish on the podium of an event at Rallye Monte-Carlo in a Mini Cooper S (40G, Silver)

Regularity Renaissance

Win a Regularity Rally event in Rally Italia Sardegna in the Lancia Stratos (40G, Silver)

Algarve it a go!

Win a stage at Vodafone Rally de Portugal that you started with heavy engine damage (40G, Silver)


Win an event at Rally Sweden in Citroen Xsara WRC (40G, Silver)

El Matador

Win an event at Rally Iberia in the SUBARU Impreza 1995 (40G, Silver)

Miracle in the Mountains

Finish an event at Guanajuato Rally Mexico without any severe mechanical damage (40G, Silver)


Complete a Quick Play Online Event at Rally Estonia (40G, Silver)

Driver Alliance

Compete in a Clubs event at any location (40G, Silver)

Completed it Mate

Earn Every Trophy (PS5 Only, Platinum)

Gold Trophy

Gold Rush

Achieve 5 Gold Medals in Moments (50G, Gold)

World Rally Champion

Win a WRC Championship in Career Mode (50G, Gold)

Consistency is Key

Finish on the podium at every event in a Championship Mode Season (50G, Gold)

Perfect Score

Complete a regularity rally stage with 0 penalty points. (40G, Gold)

Class Act

Complete at least one stage using a vehicle from the WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC Vehicle Classes (50G, Gold)

In total there are 27 achievements in this game. When it comes to the trophies there are 6 Bronze Trophies, 16 Silver Trophies, and 5 Gold Trophies. There are not a ton of achievements in this game, but they can be obtained easily in this game. My question is what achievement are you excited to conquer in this game? Do you care about getting achievements or having fun? Well let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like.

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EA Sports FRC is available now and will be playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S

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