EA Sports PGA Tour has been out for a good bit of time now and the reviews have been kind of lackluster. There is a portion of players that like the game and there is another portion of players that have been disappointed. This has led to EA Sports realizing that they needed to make changes and thus made multiple improvements. I won’t be going into every single improvement made, but I will be going through the ones that are the most notable and impactful.

3-Click Swing Return

EA Sports PGA Tour

Finally, this has been such a common complaint that many players have made about the game. The fact that there was not a 3-Click Swing was a head-scratcher. Now with the 3-Click implemented, keyboard support for “Left Stick” and “Right Stick” swing mechanics has been removed. This results in a more fair experience for players and the fact that online events now also have the requirements makes the game more fun.

Putting Grids Addition

This was something that had to be changed. One of my concerns was the lack of putting grids as without them there was not great visibility with the ball. Plus there was a lot of feedback regarding this as a big problem. Luckily EA has responded to the feedback by adding Putting Grids. This helps with ball visibility and allows people to line up their putts.

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Camera Angles and Zoom Feature Improvements

Sometimes the Camera Angles and Zoom Features can get very sloppy in sports video games. It actually was something I brought up in the MLB The Show Weekly Podcast and if you’re reading this now, I strongly suggest that you check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcast if you like playing MLB The Show.

But Many players have voiced that as a problem and I can see why as some of the angles and features were not working consistently. Not as bad as Madden Games, but still it is still a mess. So, the plan is to look into methods to improve the pre-shot zoom camera and restructure a change to the camera for non-putting grid players. I have played with that update and while it is an improvement, it still has issues. I hope they keep working on that in the future.

Presentation Setting Additions

A criticism that many have is the limited options when it comes to the presentation settings in the game. With the new update, EA has added new settings including Fast Play, Putt Meter, and Button Hints. When it comes to Fast Play, it focuses on skipping player reactions and putting walk-ups to make the game faster. Putt Meter gives players the option to turn on or off with the putt meter visibility. Both focus on a quicker pace of play and improvement of visibility in certain aspects of the game.

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The big change in the Presentation settings is through Button Hints. As for Button Hints, it is pretty simple as they give hints of specific buttons to press on the bottom of the screen during gameplay. To me, this is more helpful for the rookie players in the game, which is a great addition. I don’t understand why this was not implemented in the game and I am glad it is now.

EA Sports PGA Tour is playable now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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