We are now in October and with a new month, there is a new update/season that gets released in EA Sports PGA Tour. October brings Season 6 and focuses on the Ryder Cup that wrapped up on October 1st. In this new update, there were a lot of things that were added to the game. I wanted to create a guide regarding the most notable additions/updates to the game.

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

This was something that I specifically was the most hyped to hear about coming to the game for two reasons. First, the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club hosts the 2023 Ryder Cup, and it would only feel right if that course was playable in the game. Second, my family immigrated from Italy; this course is super beautiful. Well, now I am happy that I can play on this course in the game.

Pro Pass Update (Team USA vs Team Europe)

There were rumors that the Pro Pass would have some adds and updates. This was mainly going to focus on the rewards you earn through Quests, Challenges, etc. The update concentrates heavily on the rewards. In this update, you can choose either Team USA or Team Europe.

This choice matters because your rewards involve the USA or Europe. Different items you can get from your choice will be shown below, including the shirts, Golf Bags, Golf Clubs, Golf Hats, and gear set for either Team USA or Europe.

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Team Europe Gear

Improvement to the Zoom Camera

A common complaint regarding this game is that the Zoom camera has had problems. I can see why, as transitioning between cameras can sometimes be sloppy. That has been fixed, and the notable change is making the camera move and allowing players to read the putting aim without changing the location. I am stunned that it was not changed a few months ago, but hey, better late than never.

New 2v2 Team Formats Available in Multiple Game Modes

More Ryder Cup-focused modes were introduced to the EA Sports PGA Tour online suite, but the significant addition in modes is the ability to have 2v2 team matches. This can occur while playing Online Mode, as players can enjoy it with public or private games. Remember that In these Ryder Cup formatted modes where 2v2 is involved, you’ll always see your partner wearing your team’s uniform. At the same time, your opponents will be wearing the opposing team’s uniform.

Fixing a bugged Daily Tournament

One issue I have had is that the Daily Tournaments have been mostly broken. It has made me want ti skip these tournaments. Well, luckily one of the daily tournament is going to be fixed. The “6 Holes – Arcade on Top of the Rock” daily Tournament is going to be moved to Torrey Pines permanently in order to make it more smoothly.

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So those are the notable updates that have been made to the game. To me there were two main adds that i really like from this and that involves the addition of the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club course and the Improvements made to the Zoom Camera. The course was a must add and I think it was beautiful playing it. The Zoom Camera improvements should have been done months ago as it was a common complaint by many. I am just glad that they changed it instead of ignoring it.

My question is what was your favorite addition/change that was made to EA Sports PGA Tour? Did you like the Ryder Cup both in game and real life? Let me know in the comments section what you think and don’t for get to like the article as well.

EA Sports PGA Tour is playable now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Nicholas Mullick

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